Self Assessment

Scientific Behavioural Assessment tests on different mental health conditions to help you know yourself better

Personality Tests

Check your level of Neuroticism

How Conscientious Are You?


Emotional Quotient

Social Quotient

Are You A Dominant Person

Empathy Scale

Mental Wellbeing Scale


Is your temper impacting your family?

Are you pushing your family too much for your work from home?

How much you are sensitive to your family's space?

Is your inability to manage effectively, impacting your family?

Are you motivated enough to Work from Home?

Are you short-tempered?

Corona Health and Job related anxiety

Measure your Family Well-being

Check Your Frustration Threshold


Leadership Style

Leadership Presence

Workplace Satisfaction

Are You Ambitious

Work Motivation


Changes in sleeping pattern?

Is your eating pattern a concern?


Anorexia Nervosa


Do you have an unhealthy relationship?

Is your stress a concern?

Workplace Stress


Are you Depressed?

Self Harm


Bipolar Disorder

Child & Adolescent

How do you know that your child is being bullied?

Are You Being Bullied

Are You A Bully


Cyber Bullying


Are you an Authoritarian parent?

Are you an Authoritative parent?

Are you a Permissive parent?

Are you an Uninvolved parent?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Is your child Inattentive?

Is your child Impulsive?

Is your child Hyperactive?

Do you have an ADHD (adult)?


Are you an anxious person?

Is your OCD real?

Do you have a phobia?


Do you need to manage your anger?


Are you addicted to Internet/ Social media?

Is your drinking a problem?

Do you abuse a Substance/Drug?

Sexual Addiction