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HopeQure Peer Support

HopeQure's Peer Support Groups

We at HopeQure aim to resolve these issues through our Peer Support Group Program by providing a platform for people from different backgrounds to come together and share their knowledge, experience, and provide emotional, social or practical help to each other.

Our Mission

To Spread Awareness

01 Anxiety

State of heightened arousal that occurs frequently causing racing heart and hampers ability to concentrate.

02 Depression.

An elongated feeling of sadness with decreased pleasure in favourite activities and frequent fatigue.

03 Students

We’re on a tireless pursuit to become better and expect those around us to do the same.

04 Relationship Issues

Learn how to establish stable and satisfying relationships

05 Abuse And Traumatic Experiences

Any form of abuse can be disturbing, discuss your concerns with an expert

06 Career Realated Stress

Heightened psychological or physical arousal leading to a feeling of uneasiness

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What Are We Offering?

People from different backgrounds come together to form a group and share their experiences, issues, and stories through Anonymous and Confidential Chat rooms to connect with peers of shared support group. HopeQure offers peer support chat rooms, weekly sessions with psychologists, and access to HopeQures’s mental health resources.

We assure you a safe and secure platform that is easily accessible, and non-judgmental to connect, share, and cope. We ensure a secure and safe vent out space, enabling people to connect across the globe seamlessly. HopeQure’s peer support groups are aided with advanced technology, mentored by peer admins, and supported by experienced psychologists to make the journey of our mental health peers smooth.

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Who Can Benefit?

Our peer support group is to help anyone who is seeking emotional and social support to cope with various issues. It will benefit people, facing several psychological or emotional problems, by talking about their, struggles, challenges and experiences. Peers Gather and facilitate healing together.

Peer Support 's benefits vary widely for people seeking care, mentors and for the broader mental health system. One of Peer Support's main advantages is the greater implicit empathy and appreciation peer members are seen as having for the people they support. Peer support benefits peers in enhancing self-esteem, confidence and induces optimistic thoughts that they are doing well. Peer support group members experience a rise in their own ability to deal with mental health issues.

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