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- Ms. Akshita Bakshi
Counselling Psychologist
Female 30
DATE: 12-07-2023

I am loving my sessions, she is so amazing! She helped me practice breathwork and other few tools which I am able to incorporate. We are still working on our goals together, I am excited to work with her in therapy and practise whatever I learn.

She is a person with great amount of self-awareness. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to work on the the therapy goals is incredible.

Female 28
DATE: 30-06-2023

Akshita worked miracles for our relationship. We were stuck in constant fights that seemed never-ending and hopeless. But Akshita gave us the tools to handle our conflicts better. She taught us how to communicate and understand each other with more love and care. Thanks to her, we now have a happier and healthier relationship. We can not thank her enough for saving our relationship.

They were going through the pattern of consistent fights which open to feedback and they both were genuinely putting a lot of efforts to save their relationship. With their efforts and openness they were able to work through their challenges. pushed them towards the edge of breaking up. The couple was very

Female 28
DATE: 29-05-2023

I have always felt very comfortable to open up and talk freely to Ms. Akshita without the fear of being judged. She is a professional who listens very attentively to the minute details and guides you to think about the deeper layers to yourself with the right approach. I always feel relieved after our session, have a better clarity of thought and feel I have learned something new each time. I always look forward to talking to Ms. Akshita Bakshi. Highly recommended!

The client demonstrates the receptiveness to self-reflection and their commitment to personal development. By actively engaging in the therapeutic process, the client takes full advantage of the opportunity to grow, evolve, and acquire new insights.