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- Ms. Arushi Bhatnagar Nigam
Counselling Psychologist
Female 32
DATE: 28-03-2023

I was initially not sure about the therapy. This was my first time to go with the therapy, and I am glad that I made the right decision. My therapist, Mrs. Arushi Bhatnagar, she is a gem. She truly helped me and guided me on how to come out of negative situation/problems and with my anxiety. She was really kind and understandable through out this process.

Very evident progress after 15 therapy sessions. Issues pertaining to self and relationships. We worked on building better concept of self, healing childhood trauma and improving relations by focusing on better communication and expectation.

Male 22
DATE: 28-02-2023

It's been some time since my last session and I haven't felt more calmer and within control before. Not feeling as anxious as before, just focusing on what I can do right now. The therapy surely helped a lot. Thanks Mrs. Arushi.

Client review after 10 regular therapy sessions. Worked on obsessive thoughts and prolonged procrastination using CBT and SFBT approaches.

Female 34
DATE: 13-02-2023

The sessions were really good, Arushi was very cool and listened to everything very patiently. I liked how she talked to me like a peer rather than giving like a therapy talk feel. I now have a perspective as to how I can handle situations as she gave me methods to follow. She related to my situations to her life as well many times and explained how it happens to everyone and I can definitely deal with such things. Overall I'm pretty happy I had her as a therapist and really thankful to her for helping.

Therapy helped in Dealing with Relationship issues , marital discord and trauma from disturbed family environment.

Female 30
DATE: 09-02-2023

I never had answers for my behavior, just kept on doubting myself. Therapy sessions with Mrs. Arushi has bought clarity and cam see hope of being better.

Adult ADHD, can be managed well with continuous therapy and diagnosis brings clarity .

Male 25
DATE: 08-02-2023

Best advisor of all time! Extremely confident and focused on activity.

The review is written after working on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues

Female 68
DATE: 28-12-2022

I would personally recommend Ms. Arushi Bhatnagar. She is definitely a Wonder Woman. Thank you Mam

Issues concerning overthinking were resolved within 2 months of starting therapy.

DATE: 22-11-2022

This is literally the best website for online counselling I've ever visited. They have a million plans that are super affordable.

DATE: 22-11-2022

Those of us who need help with mental health the most don't have the money to get the help we need. HopeQure’s affordable plan has been such a welcome solution to that problem.

DATE: 21-11-2022

Great way to get therapy at an affordable price and at your own time. Awesome for people new to therapy or who don’t have the time and money.

DATE: 21-11-2022

Affordable therapy without leaving your house? A great concept that HopeQure has executed wonderfully.

DATE: 19-11-2022

HopeQure is trying to eliminates the stigma around mental health counselling.

DATE: 19-11-2022

My psychologist at HopeQure was super cool and she really understood the problem I wanted to share. I will recommend everyone to try once.

DATE: 19-11-2022

It felt like I was sitting with my psychologist in-person, conversation through video call was so realistic.

DATE: 18-11-2022

HopeQure has really solved the problem of affordability, when it comes to mental health counselling.

DATE: 18-11-2022

I feel safe, comfortable, and FREE to say whatever I'm thinking and feeling from the comfort of my home.

DATE: 18-11-2022

My information was very confidential and HopeQure respected that.

Female 22
DATE: 06-11-2022

Ms. Arushi Bhatnagar had helped me and guided me through therapy. It was very helpful and I got over all my problems.

Review was given after 15 sessions of therapy that focused on treating deep rooted fears, poor self image inducing self-doubt, anxiety and leading to toxic relationships.

Male 53
DATE: 19-09-2022

It was recommended to me by my uncle to help my grieving father and I will forever be grateful to him. I could see significant improvement in my father within a few weeks.

We worked together on uplifting his moods and developing a positive sense of self, as well as focused on healing from grief. There was a significant improvement after 7 consistent therapy sessions.

Female 24
DATE: 20-05-2022

I expected my first session with Ms Arushi Bhatnagar to be awkward but the moment she told me "this is a safe space" with all her warmth, my worries dissipated. Taking therapy has not only been overwhelmingly helpful to deal with my mental state but has helped me improve it as well. Aside from guiding me through my mental health issues, she's helped me develop a friendly voice in me to constantly try and show up for myself. The sheer warmth and understanding that she showed me are unmatched and I could not recommend her enough. I know I will hold all the life lessons and resources very close to my heart because I am in a mental state that I thought I would never reach, because of them.

The client has taken around 30 sessions and has shown great improvement in overcoming high functioning anxiety, complexes in personality, procrastination and emotional disturbances.

Female 27
DATE: 19-04-2022

I really don’t know how to express my feelings as I am short of words! I am really very thankful that Mrs. Arushi Bhatnagar was my therapist. She took tremendous efforts on me and guided me to overcome my anxiety & depression. She understood my fears and helped me overcome them by teaching several thought processes. I am never going to forget whatever I have learnt from her. I can't express how peaceful I am feel after taking my sessions. She is best at her work and I am grateful that I chose her as my therapist. I know that life is going to be full of ups and downs but now I am sure that I will face each down gracefully. I am going to miss her a lot but I know we all have to fight our battles alone & she has prepared me for that.

It has been an amazing journey . The improvement has demonstrated that long term therapy helps in resolving deep issues and change the unhealthy patterns formed during childhood.