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- Ms. Priyanka Walia
Counselling Psychologist
Female 21
DATE: 22-05-2023

I took therapy from Ms. Priyanka Walia and I am writing my feedback here - Earlier I had a hard time understanding life and emotions . I used to have big emotional outbursts and sometimes I even used to cry for no reason , I had a hard time working and used to procrastinate a lot . I also had a negative outlook on life and I didn't really think much about the future and was entangled in emotions. Since I began therapy I slowly discovered myself , she taught me how to deal with life and emotions . I learned to rationalize my emotions . l have learned to deal with procrastination in a healthy way . My self confidence has increased and I am a much more confident and a happier person. She is really sweet with me and very compassionate and empathetic , she listens to everything and understands the situation very well . I am really glad I took this step and I really thank her for giving me this positive outlook on life.

Review written post completion of 10 sessions. The client faced severe anxiety and now has completely dealt with her anxiety through being regular with sessions and activities.

Male 22
DATE: 03-05-2023

I usually dont trust therapists very much since my past experience with them but opening up to Ms. Priyanka was really easy, she helped me navigate through my emotions and made me gain a lot of the confidence I had lost whenever I was in a session with her it felt like i was talking with a friend which made me feel really comfortable.

Review written after 15 sessions were completed. The client had sever depression and anxiety caused by toxic relationships. The client recovered and achieved a state of happiness.

Female 20
DATE: 22-03-2023

Ms.Priyanka is a wonderful therapist and person. She helped me understand the root causes behind certain issues and behaviours and also helped me understand what I can do better with the help of examples which are extremely relatable. She is patient and empathetic and creates a safe space without which therapy cannot fulfil its purpose. I’ve had a great overall experience with her.

Review written after 6 sessions. The client was facing various issues with her confidnce and self-esteem.

Female 19
DATE: 14-03-2023

I started my therapy sessions in December 2022. Initially I was at the verge of killing myself with everything going on around me. With things not being in my hand, my health being terrible, being hooked up on antidepressants. But I'm glad I met Priyanka who helped me out, guided me through the entire process. I was able to quit my medications successfully and cannot be more glad she was my therapist. Cannot be more grateful.

Review written after 15 sessions. The client was diagnosed with chronic depression and was under psychiatric medication.

Female 22
DATE: 09-02-2023

Before the therapy sessions, I was completely broken down, I was crying almost everyday and I didn’t know the reason why. I understood that my self confidence was depleting and that I was on the edge of self sabotaging all my relationships and especially the relationship I have with myself. Then, I decided to take therapy. After a few sessions, I realized that I was calming down, I have reduced my venting and I almost never cry. I am holding my own. I have been documenting my journey and it amazes me as to how much negative I have been writing before and how much positive it has become over time. I must say that Dr. Priyanka is very patient, listens to you understand your situation and helps you reach the conclusion on your own for better enlightenment. I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Review written after 5 sessions conducted over a month. The client was facing issues dealing with overwhelming emotions.

Female 21
DATE: 03-02-2023

I learnt to challenge and accept my weaknesses and change a flood of negative thoughts into positive and more progressive thought processes. I was my own critic earlier but now I have started being more kind to myself. Ms. Priyanka came in my life as a blessing and as an angel. I am grateful for all the discussion we had, how she understood me and broke the patterns and helped me come out of this.

Review was written after 10 sessions over the past 2 months. The client was going through depression and couldn't even challenge to come out of her bed. After 10 successful sessions, we could break all negative thought patterns and go back to a healthy lifestyle.

Female 32
DATE: 01-02-2023

Ms. Priyanka helped me realise that there were so many other issues I was dealing through, that I kept brushing under the carpet. And before these sessions, I didn't even know these were problems. But we identified them, and we worked through them patiently. Of course I have a long way to go, the real test is to apply this self of mine to my everyday life, but at least I know a little bit about how to do that now. I can't explain how much this has helped me, I only have gratitude to share.

Review written after 10 session conducted over 3 months. The client was going through relationship issues but later realised there are a lot of issues with the self. We worked on almost all the issues effectively.

Male 22
DATE: 17-01-2023

She was a great listener, hearing out all my problems from the first session to now. I was very depressed when I started, but taking ma'am's advice and doing her exercises, I am now in a far better state of mind. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her efforts in trying to heal me.

Review written after 12 sessions. The client was going through Depression.

Female 41
DATE: 04-01-2023

When I started therapy, I was traumatized, turbulent and living just to pass my days. I realized self-love, prioritizing my own self and self-worth. My perception broke and I understood the true meaning of love. This beautiful journey of self-discovery wouldn't have been possible without Priyanka. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me a fresh outlook on life.

Review written after working with Ms. Priyanka Walia for 3 months on issues concerning depression, relationships and feelings of not wanting to live anymore.

Female 21
DATE: 24-12-2022

I wasn't sure what to expect from therapy but my sessions with Ms. Priyanka have been very valuable. She made me feel completely at ease discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express difficult emotions was a huge relief. Her patience, understanding and guidance have enabled me to be confident in life. I would definitely recommend HopeQure to anyone who is in need of the therapy!

Review written after 5 sessions conducted over a month. The client overcame overthinking and major issues with self-confidence.

Female 26
DATE: 06-12-2022

To Priyanka ma'am, THANK YOU for everything you did to help me coming out from my anxiety and building confidence in me. I remember how I used to be before, under confident, anxious, nervous, demotivated, seeking validation from others for literally everything. But, you helped me in overcoming all of this. Even, when I was interviewed I kept this thing in my mind you told me, that think in steps before answering. Question yourself and then answer. I've even started planning my days (mostly) and I'm trying to be as productive as I can. I've started prioritising myself.

Review written after 8 sessions conducted over 2 months. The client was facing issues major issues with confidence and social anxiety.

Male 29
DATE: 08-11-2022

It's been a great couple of sessions for me. I feel that I have made progress with the things I wanted to achieve. There's still a bit of work left to do and I am positive that it will work out well, thanks to my therapist and their patience in resolving said problems.

Review written after 5 sessions conducted over 3 weeks. The client was facing issues with excessively negative thought patterns. The issues were dealt with in a short span of time through regular sessions.

Female 35
DATE: 26-07-2022

Sessions with Ms. Priyanka have helped me a lot emotionally. I am doing so much better and I am grateful to her. She has listened to everything I said very carefully, remembered all the small details about my life and made me feel so comfortable. She is so professional and understanding which eventually helped me grow so much. I am a different and better person.

Review was written after 10 sessions conducted over 45 days. The client completely transformed her situation by being regular with sessions and homework.

Female 28
DATE: 25-03-2022

She knows her subject very well and whatever she says makes me think. I feel am in a much better state now only by talking with her and doing her assignments. Her assignments are thought provoking and deep and makes me think and introspect about myself. She makes me very comfortable. I feel a great change in me.

Review written after conducting 18 sessions over 2 months. The client was going through PTSD.

Male 24
DATE: 24-03-2022

Honestly the sessions with her are really good! I feel lighter talking to her. The important thing is she understands what am trying to say - sometimes it’s difficult to articulate what I am going through or have gone through and she understands the depth of it and knows exactly what it is. I can relate to her which is a big blessing.

Review written after 10 sessions over 45 days. The client was facing severe depression and felt nobody understands her.

Female 29
DATE: 15-03-2022

I am so so grateful that I had taken a sessions with her. Initially I was in dilemma whether I should take a session online or not but I underestimated. Don't have enough words to thank her. She has helped me so much mentally, physically.

Review written after 15 sessions conducted over 3 months. The client was going through anxiety and overthinking. She completely recovered from both the issues.

Female 20
DATE: 31-12-2021

I was very depressed I remember myself 9 months ago the way I was and right now when I see myself I see a significant change in myself my thinking process and I have learnt a lot from her. Her activities has helped me a lot, it changed my perspective my way of thinking. I use to feel so good after taking a session with her. She raised a hope in me when I use to feel hopeless and meaningless. Thank you so much Priyanka. May God bless you. May all your wishes come true. I will definitely recommend my friends and family if anyone is facing same issue.

Review written after 20 sessions conducted over nearly 4 months. The client was going through anxiety, overthinking and procrastination. She could deal with her issues with the help of activities and regular sessions.

Female 20
DATE: 06-11-2021

I had major mood swings, depressive moods and had issues with eating and sleeping. Everything was just messed up. After taking therapy, I started feeling better slowly. Her methods really worked for me. There were sessions when I went into the session feeling very low but at the end of that session, I felt positive and lighter. I wanted to thank you so much Priyanka ma'am for your every suggestion and methods that you have told me. I can't even describe how much helpful those methods and suggestion are for me. The way you made me understand things was just commendable. I have never seen someone so calm and relaxed and most importantly so clear in her thought process. Your every suggestion was on point for me and for any problem if comes in my life now I know to whom I have to consult.

Review written after 20 sessions. The client was diagnosed with thought OCD.