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- Ms. Zahabiya Bambora
Counselling Psychologist
Male 22
DATE: 15-04-2023

I had the pleasure of working with Zahabiya, and I couldn't be more grateful for her expertise and guidance. I had been struggling with relationship anxiety for quite some time, I had reached a point where I felt stuck and hopeless. I felt safe sharing my deepest concerns and fears. She listened intently and provided strategies that helped me gain clarity and insight into my patterns of behavior. Thank you, Zahabiya, for all that you did!

The client initially took some time to get comfortable as I built the therapeutic rapport. We together worked on understanding the strong beliefs held by the client regarding relationships. After trying out some techniques, the client mentioned some ease with anxiety.

Female 25
DATE: 29-12-2022

Thanks to Zahabiya for all the lessons I take with me today. All the techniques I learnt are amazing and work well for me. I highly recommend her.

Anxiety was the chief concern the client came in with. She was ready to work on the areas and try the techniques.

Female 27
DATE: 22-12-2022

Good times with Zahabiya and her fun sessions. I wanted to go for therapy because my friend went. I didn’t have any big issues to go for therapy but I just wanted a person who could listen to me vent out about my week and share small details without any filters. Very refreshing. Thanks Zahabiya!

Male 29
DATE: 29-11-2022

With Zahabiya, I improved a great deal in just two months!!! I gained a lot of understanding about myself and some underlying issues from my past while learning different coping mechanisms for my anxiety. My ability to track and manage my thoughts has improved. Most importantly, I have confidence that as I keep becoming stronger, I will be able to put these problems behind me forever…

The client recognized how negative past events were having a huge impact on his present. Although he hesitated, he was willing to peel back layers of his past. Through a narrative approach, he was given a space to talk freely about his past.

Female 26
DATE: 27-11-2022

I had a good course of sessions with Ms. Zahabiya. She helped me with some mechanisms for my anxiety and I see me using them unconsciously now. It lowers my anxiety greatly.

In therapy, we uncovered some beliefs and worked on abandonment anxiety.

Female 25
DATE: 13-11-2022

I have a troubled relationship with my mother. She has controlled a lot of areas of my life. When it came to marriage I could not take it. I see Zahabiya every week and I learned to take more control in myself and make decisions and stick to it. Thanks for the push Zahabiya, always looking forward to our sessions.

DATE: 23-10-2022

I am a physician for about 17 years now. My family friends and other doctors are still not open to therapy and think that it is sign of being an incapable doctor. I think the opposite. I want everyone to think that way. Therapy has not made me look weaker but only made me feel better and stronger. Zahabiya is surely younger to me, but she is good at her job. A composed woman with brilliant understanding of her field.

Client was enthusiastic to learn about areas about him that were unknown. We worked on anxiety and low motivation concerns.

Female 26
DATE: 15-09-2022

I chose to see Zahabiya when my fiancé left me. This was my 4th break-up and it completely broke me. I gathered myself with her help and support to focus on myself and be better for myself only. I am convinced now that it is not me that is the cause of all my horrible break-ups. Thank you Zahabiya…

Female 26
DATE: 03-09-2022

I chose to see Zahabiya when my fiancé left me. This was my 4th break-up and it completely broke me. I gathered myself with her help and support to focus on myself and be better for myself only. I am convinced now that it is not me that is the cause of all my horrible break-ups. Thank you Zahabiya…

This testimonial was written after 10 sessions of therapy. We talked about core beliefs, worked on self-esteem, and learned not to depend entirely on external validation.

Male 23
DATE: 31-08-2022

My experience of working with Zahabiya has been incredibly beneficial and transformative. She quickly understood what I needed and, through insightful but also her kind toned questions, she assisted me in changing the way I see a great deal of things. I would recommend everyone to talk to a therapist, if you are considering doing so.

Female 18
DATE: 27-08-2022

Zahabiya was easy to talk to. She has such a happy and calm vibe. I was nervous in the beginning but she made it easy

Female 29
DATE: 04-07-2022

I had doubted therapy for long. No jokes, this has been a roller coaster! My therapist- Zahabiya, was sooo good at understanding my position, making me see things that I probably would not never see it that way and lots of things made sense. We debated, discussed, understood different POVs and learned my patterns. Zahabiya is so practical and mindful, she has brought a lot of change in me, and helped me improve. Huge thanks to her!!

Male 26
DATE: 27-06-2022

Female 26
DATE: 26-06-2022

Therapy sessions with Zahabiya was so good. We worked with CBT and it was great. Thanks a lot…

Male 25
DATE: 25-05-2022

The best part about my therapy session was the calmness my therapist brings into the session compared to all the chaos I bring… I look forward to every session because my one hour with Zahabiya is my only peace and calm space. I feel so mentally free and relaxed when I am talking to her. All my rage and irritation with my family is blurred. I don’t know if I will be able to stop seeing her at one point.

Male 26
DATE: 14-05-2022

I was going through a very bad phase last year, then I finally accepted to go for therapy as I seriously needed someone to listen and help me. Zahabiya was incredible since the first session. Always attentive, never judgmental, and gave me coping mechanisms to help me get through. Looking back, I'm not sure how I would have progressed to where I am today without her help.

Female 24
DATE: 08-05-2022

I found Zahabiya to be very approachable and she gave me the flexibility to conduct our sessions however I needed to, so I left feeling energized and motivated. I would definitely suggest Zahabiya to anyone trying to work through issues in therapy since she was kind, polite, and dependable at all times, even when I was a little hesitant to book sessions that worked with my schedule.

Female 21
DATE: 02-05-2022

I received so much support when I was studying abroad from Zahabiya-what a lovely and kind therapist. I would like to add that following my sessions with Zahabiya, my perception has entirely transformed from someone who never thought counseling could be of so much help. The ability to explain feelings one has never experienced before and offer strategies for overcoming them made a significant impact throughout this period. I am so grateful to have met Zahabiya, and I would highly suggest her to anyone searching for a fantastic therapist who is also kind and sensitive. I appreciate all Hopequres assistance

Male 31
DATE: 30-04-2022

Well, therapy was so amazing… anxiety gets the best of me. Big thanks to my therapist Zahabiya. She understood how I was not comfortable with uncertainty and helped me being okay with it…

Female 26
DATE: 26-03-2022

My experience with counselling has been very smooth. I was skeptical in the beginning about how a third person would see me or judge me. Honestly, I was not 100% open in the first few sessions with her. And the good part is she gave me my space to be comfortable with her and these sessions. She did not push me to speak up or ask me big questions again and again. This is something I highly appreciated with her. Thank you. And once I started to be transparent with her, things went only uphill. Seriously, Zahabiya is so patient and soft-spoken. She made me feel at ease, and I stopped feeling disgusted about my experiences and relationships. Thank you Zahabiya for being there and letting me get things off my chest. I am so much lighter now.

Female 20
DATE: 08-03-2022

I came to Zahabiya with my low self-esteem, which got bad in the lockdown. These past few months are new to me. Different. I am so happy with this new found confidence and self-esteem. I guess I see myself taking baby steps at work also to put myself out there.

Male 27
DATE: 07-03-2022

Zahabiya maam ne meri bohot zyada help ki hai. Shayad koi friend yeh sab samaj hi nahi pata. Mere family ke saath mera relationship kaisa hai aur isse mere khud me itne changes kyu hai yeh sab maine maam ke wajeh se sikha hai. Mujhe independent banne ko motivate kiya hai bohot zyada aur me us taraf hi badna chahti hu ab. Me kis cheezo ko bhul rahi thi mere relationship me, yeh maam ne mujhe meri family se link karke samjhaya. Abhi mujhe bohot saree baatein alag lagta hai, me har chhoti baat pe rone nai lagti ab. strong hona start kar liya hai maine. Thanks to Zahabiya maam.

Female 28
DATE: 13-02-2022

I found Zahabiya’s logical approach to treating my mental health to be simple to understand and effective. No kidding, I was back in charge of my life very soon (in around 5-6 sessions) and felt so pleased and happy about everything. Zahabiya did a great job of giving me what I needed.

Male 20
DATE: 12-02-2022

Firstly, thank you for coordinating all my sessions. You have been so understanding of my timings. My sessions with Zahabiya are superb. She is very open to listening all my rants. I have been so negative in my outlook in all areas of life, work, boyfriend, and back home. With the worksheet she given me, I have started to see some small positiveness in daily life. I know I still have to go forward. I hope I get to a point where I think, and I can explain things to myself like she does for me. Thank you again

Male 31
DATE: 03-02-2022

Zahabiya is quick to adopt to client’s needs . She is aware of cultural importance while imparting therapy , a rare quality. Her blend of tapping into basics and sequentially addressing issues made the process very smooth for me. A rockstar of a therapist.