Secure Computing

General Information

  • We at HopeQure, acknowledge the fact that mental health is extremely private and personal to every individual. Hence safeguarding the interests and information of our clients and therapists is our top priority. We have deployed advanced security practices to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of both the HopeQure clients and the mental health professionals.
  • Our aim is to establish high standards of digital security in practice. Our essential security features, assure that personal and private data cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons within our team or anybody but only the authorized individual. This allows users to securely transmit confidential and personal information such as views and thoughts, treatment requirements, mental health conditions, diagnosis and treatment plans as well as credit card numbers and login credentials.
  • The steps taken by HopeQure to implement strong security policy are appended below:-
    • HIPAA Certification- Processes on the website and mobile applications of HopeQure are HIPPA compliant and all relevant data residing on the HopeQure server is encrypted to match HIPPA requirements.
    • SSL Implementation- SSL certification ensures secure web browsing via https protocol. It assures authenticity, integrity and encryption to the server and client.
    • Encryption- The data is encrypted with 256 bits SHA encryption as well as uses RSA encryption process for encrypting relevant information in a way that only authorized parties can access. It denies the intelligible content to a would-be interceptor.
    • Doctor-client Confidentiality- During the session, any information provided by the client is only accessible to the concerned professionals.
    • Access Zones- This set up restricts information access from undefined sources. It assures access occurring only from client specified physical location, even if the authentic information leaks.
    • Secured Video In-Built Calling Sessions - We provide real-time video calling sessions controlled by our secure server that encrypts the conversation during the session.
    • Using these and other security features HopeQure assures protection of all the information transmitted on the site. Security and confidentiality of the member details is our prime concern.