Benefits for Therapists.

Provide Mental health services to a wider reach of clients and help them feel better with safe and secure Online Video Counselling with the comfort of your home.

Therapy sessions have never been easy. Create, manage and take sessions from across the Globe. HopeQure brings in a bunch of perks for all registered professionals. Switch from conventional offline counselling sessions to an online portal Now!

Our Values

Adequate fulfillment of employee's mental health needs leads to:

01 Access to International Clients

Hopequre is offering therapists a new revenue platform and a new way of reaching potential international clients previously inaccessible to them. Online therapy is accessible and convenient, as online services can assist anytime, anywhere.

02 Flexible time slots for therapy

Online sessions with Hopequre can be your major source of income or a supplement to your current work. You choose how many people you want to work with, and you are in full control of your schedule.

As one of the greatest benefits of online therapy for therapists is the ability to accommodate a wider range of appointment times with little or no impact on their well-being, also they can now see customers at peak times as well because they are going online. Even the cost per session is often significantly lower because of the accessibility and flexibility this model of service delivery offers

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03 Minimize miscommunication

One of the integral components of online therapy practice is online billing, scheduling, and charting program. Clients can opt for Appointment reminders, can access and manage their appointments instantly on the Hopequre website,

Earlier there were phone calls and conversations where assistants said one thing and clients said something else, which often creates miscommunication. This miscommunication not only affects professionalism but also puts the therapeutic relationship and trust at risk.

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04 customer support for increased efficiency

Hopequre Platform supports artificial learning, computer vision, and voice and bot technology. Here you can focus fully on counseling. You do not need to worry about acquiring clients, billing, support or operations. We handle it all!

05 Secure and safe HIPAA certified platform

We take privacy seriously. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) cover Hopequre. This Act protects online client's health information maintained and secured with all correspondence and checked daily,

and our team abides by strict technical and ethical codes of confidentiality of client and therapist both.

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06 Promotion to clients through Hopequre’s digital marketing

Hopequre promotes each licensed therapist to broaden their professional boundaries through Hopequre’s various digital marketing platforms. As social media is a great way to advertise your practice online.

We use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote your business, connect clients for you, and build a reputation. You can post blogs on Hopequre that highlight your specialty and personality. It is a great way for potential clients to get to know you without ever meeting you in person.

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07 Location Flexibility

Increased flexibility makes therapy available to people who may have limited mobility or who are geographically isolated. Areas under-served may now be provided with services not previously available.

Hopequre users enjoy secure, password-protected access to their private therapy room that only their therapist sees.

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08 Allow Alternative Way of Seeing Violent Patients

Since most therapists do not often see patients with physical aggression without this area of specialization, situations arise in which the protection of the therapist becomes a problem.

Instead of having guards accompany the patient to a therapy session and coordinate transport, safety, the therapist can simply bring the patient through the screen.

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