An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend Who Left Me


Dear Ex-boyfriend,

I have been well. I wish you well too. I know it has been really long, but I want you to know that I do not hate you now. I have happily moved on and I genuinely want to thank you for doing what you did.

It tried so hard to understand what made you leave me, but I couldn’t. I constantly questioned myself. I thought of myself as unlovable. I didn’t even think of dating anyone else for a very long time. I eventually stopped. I realized it was simply unhealthy.

When you left, you don’t know what I went through. We both have been together since school and we have basically grown up together. You were there to handle my all kinds of moods. And so it took me a long time to understand why you would do this to me! I could not eat for days. I hated to talk to anybody and felt like no one genuinely likes me. You made me question every relationship I had.

My concentration worsened, self-doubt began, and most importantly I went spiralled down to negative thinking. I was unable to fall asleep and had mood changes frequently. You did wrong to me by not even explaining your reason to break up with me. You did wrong to me by denying me the right to ask you the reasons by not answering my messages. I lost trust in love, relationships, and so many other things.

After several months I pulled myself together and got the courage to seek help through online counselling for relationship . It made so much healthier and I regained a hold of my life and other relationships again. I came back stronger than ever and I want to thank you because you played a major role in this.

I will say this, I have never regretted a single moment that we have spent together. I will forever cherish our memories. I forgave you. I have become the bigger person. I discovered various things about me that I had not found with you. This developed more courage, self-esteem, and confidence in me. And due to this I now have someone who loves me unconditionally.

So thank you for going away, thank you for showing me that I was rooting for something that was not meant to be. Thank you for making me strict about who I let into my lives. Most importantly, I am grateful because I got to show this side new side of me that I am super proud of. I am also grateful I chose to take care of myself with the guidance of relationship counselling. Your abandonment taught me to stand up for myself, fix it, and move on.


Your Ex

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