Characteristics of Creative Individuals
Written By: Counselling Psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology - Swansea University, UK.
Reviewed By: Counselling Psychologist
MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 28-02-2023

Characteristics of Creative Individuals


We all get wonderstruck when we see an artistic painting, a beautifully written poem or any other piece of art. These things give us the impression that the creator must be very creative. Though the expression of creativity is not limited to this, one can do their basic daily tasks creatively as well. For example: playing with different ingredients and creating your recipe or unconventional dressing sense like fusion outfits.

  • Keen observers- Creative individuals pay attention to almost everything. They have an eye for patterns, textures, things beyond words and every other minute detail of almost everything.

  • Curious- Such people ask too many questions and will keep coming up with queries until they get satisfactory answers. Mind it! It’s tough to satisfy them.

  • Divergent thinkers-They are not followers of conventional ideas. They think ‘out of the box’ and come up with unique possibilities or solutions to a given problem.

  • Enjoy solitude- They tend to enjoy personal space and alone time. They reflect upon ideas and information that is available to them. However, it is not necessary that introverts are creative and extroverts are not.

  • Open to new ideas- They are not restricted to anything. They have the will to follow unconventional paths or take the less travelled road.

  • Constructive- They have very little tolerance for boredom. Thus, they keep themselves engaged in one or the other activity and come up with their unique constructions and discoveries.

  • Flexible and versatile- They think, re-think, twist, turn, adapt and generate. Nothing can stop them.

  • Strong imagination- They have a very strong imagination, and ability to synthesize ideas in their mind. It won’t be incorrect to say that their fantasies are functional.

  • Highly motivated- They don’t stop with failures, rather they encourage themselves to keep going.

Channelize the artist in you! Keep experimenting! Stay creative!

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