Surge in online therapy

Surge in online therapy


The coronavirus pandemic has created a dilemma in mental health care – Distancing people from each other came across a result of more people seeking psychological treatment for anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, the massive hike has been observed in the number of people reaching out to get therapy support since the lockdown. At the same time, providing these services become more difficult to reach in person due to lockdown. However, with the change that has taken place in the national mental health care — a major shift has been observed in services and social networks from face-to-face meetings to virtual/online ones.

Getting a mental, emotional, or personality disorder may be frightening and can make you feel alone, but other people like you have gathered their strength and reached out to mental health online to obtain access to the therapy services available. For those who genuinely feel that the changes and the uncertainties of this pandemic are contributing to an increased mental and emotional strain, it is worth talking about it to everyone. Very few of us would like this to be done by ourselves.

If you want to move, your counselling sessions online or simply try to figure out how to start counseling. Council-certified psychiatrists and psychologists are available online to provide all kinds of therapies; you might find a lower entry barrier with online counselling/therapy than you would normally face in non-pandemic times.

You can receive a psychological assessment and services from the online counsellor without leaving home or work. Basic requirements for you to be a successful online client is just a device with necessary internet speeds of your chosen platform.

Your concern about getting a licensed therapist for being assured of the right therapist you must check whether you are the right platform or not.

Services  must be offered by the online platform for Good online counseling:

  • Live chat, phone call, or video conferencing with your counselor, which you can schedule to communicate in real-time with the option to choose the best online therapy format for you.
  • A secure, encrypted online platform.
  • Online treatments and mental health services for mental health conditions like anxiety (panic attacks), depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar, and other issues.
  • Licensed professional counselors, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage, and family therapists, and relationship counseling experts. They all have a Masters Degree or Doctorate Degree in their field.

Hopequre provides thousands of licensed and experienced mental health counselors with expertise in a range of issues — including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, couples therapy, and more. All Hopequre therapists complete a rigorous vetting and credentialing process.


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