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It is easy to feel anxious and stressed when preparing for exam. It is important to keep emotions and well-being in check to unleash your potential. HopeQure provides a helping hand to support the candidates in their journey of building resilience during the CLAT preparations.

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Special discount for CLAT applicants.

Avail affordable counseling sessions to help CLAT applicants deal with mental health challenges, overcome stress, develop study plan and build confidence for success in CLAT Exam.

₹1800/- per hour

₹499/- for 30 minutes

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Special discount for clat applicants.

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Learn together to deal with


Putting off an activity until later Para: Stop procrastinating today and unlock productivity potential! Take control of your time with the help of expert psychologists


Learn together to deal with

Exam Stress

Sincerity and focus are the secret to success Para: Supercharge Your Confidence, Say Goodbye to Exam Anxiety with the help of best psychologists

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Battle Procrastination

Therapy can help break the bad habit of procrastination and take you a step closer to your dream law school.

Sleep Better

Due to long hours of continuous studies, anxiety about the future and being worried about the exam can disrupt sleep.


It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of self-doubt, low confidence, and lack of motivation. Don’t let these control you.

Anxiety and Stress

Most of the time gets spent being worried or stressing over what is to come or what will happen, this disracts us from the goal.

How HopeQure Works For CLAT Students

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Get personalised emotional support using a safe and secure platform.

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Unburden your mind in a confidential space and gain clarity to feel lighter and perform better.

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Build resilience, embrace growth and perform the best in all exams of life

Need help for someone you care about?

If you're watching someone struggle & want to help them, our support team can guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At HopeQure, our mission is to provide mental and emotional support to a diverse range of individuals and organizations. As part of this commitment, we help students, who we see as the future leaders of our country.Those preparing for the CLAT examination can access our platform, where they can schedule a therapy session at an exclusive discounted rate. They can engage in online discussions with our therapists through video or audio calls, ensuring convenient and accessible support.

Our therapists will assist students from across India exclusively through online sessions, which will be conducted through audio calls or video calls.

Our psychologists can talk to students in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, and a number of other regional languages.

Students preparing for the CLAT examination can seek guidance on various challenges they may encounter during their preparation, including stress, exam anxiety, fear of failure, and other psychological concerns.

The fee for a 30-minute online counseling session with our psychologist specifically designed for CLAT aspirants is Rs. 499/-

No, your privacy is our utmost concern. At HopeQure, we uphold strict confidentiality standards. Your information will not be shared with anyone, including your parents. We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your therapeutic journey. It's important to note that HopeQure is HIPAA, ISO, and GDPR certified, and we employ end-to-end encryption to guarantee the utmost protection of your data. Our platform is dedicated to serving your emotional and mental health needs securely and confidentially.

Seeking emotional support from a therapist can greatly enhance your CLAT preparation in several ways. As a CLAT candidate, you can openly discuss the challenges that often accompany exam preparation, such as stress, exam anxiety, fear of failure, and other psychological concerns.Engaging with a trained therapist allows you to address these issues and gain valuable guidance and coping strategies. Consequently, you'll be better equipped to manage your emotions and mental well-being throughout the preparation process. This can result in enhanced concentration, reduced anxiety levels, increased self-confidence, and, ultimately, a more efficient and successful CLAT preparation journey.

Absolutely. Our psychologists are here to support you with a wide range of psychological concerns and issues, not limited to just CLAT exam preparation. Whether it's stress, anxiety, relationships, or any other matter impacting your well-being, feel free to discuss it. Your therapy sessions are a safe space for addressing a spectrum of concerns and working toward your overall mental health and emotional well-being.