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Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava

Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava

Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

07 years of Experience

start @ INR 1500 for upto 60 mins

Professional statement

Shubhangi is an experienced mental health professional working closely in the field of Clinical Psychology. She adopts a structured approach in dealing clients with depression, anxiety, OCD, child-parent issues, relationship issues, and oncopsychology, contributing to their self-development. With a zeal to work in the field of mental health to facilitate people in having a better life, she is a trained Hypnotherapist. Have expertise in the field of counseling, therapy, and psychological assessments. She believes in the holistic development of an individual.

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About me

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    Depression, Early Adult(18-40) , Mindfulness therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Languages I speak Education

  • imgGujarat Forensic Sciences University- M.Sc.
  • imgAmity University Haryana - B.Sc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online counseling and online therapy?

Online counselling and therapy involve giving mental health support via online platforms such as video calls, chat or audio sessions, enabling people to be guided and treated from their homes.

How HopeQure Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing?

HopeQure is a revolutionary platform aimed at improving mental health by making available online and comprehensive therapy services. By maximizing the convenience of digital technology, HopeQure links people with professional online psychologists and therapists who can support mental health from everywhere.

One of the most striking features about HopeQure is its user-friendly interface that makes it easier for someone to find a suitable online psychologist. HopeQure offers customized solutions to your personal needs, if you are going through stress, anxiety or depression or other mental health problems. The platform provides various services like individual therapy sessions; couple counseling and targeted help for children and teenagers.

Confidentiality is paramount at HopeQure. We ensure safety of private information and talks held during therapy session. As such, you have options regarding when to schedule sessions; hence, it becomes simpler to handle your emotional status without interfering with daily activities.

Is Virtual Counseling Effective?

Yes, Virtual counseling is an effective way of dealing with various mental health issues including anxiety, depression and stress. It provides accessibility and convenience hence making it the best choice for most people.

Who can benefit from online therapy with a psychologist?

Anyone who is facing psychological challenges like panic attacks, negative thoughts, sleep disturbances (insomnia), eating disorders (bulimia), self-esteem issues among others can find help through the use of online mental health services provided by professional psychologists.

Reviews & Ratings

DEE...... Female 34 06-04-2023 quote

Ms. Bhargava is an outstanding counselor. It really helps speaking to her as she can counter you intellectually so well that you are forced to look upon those things which you are missing in your own observation. This changes your perspectives. And life is what but perspectives.

With some intense sessions, the client was able to have a much more productive and happy life.
SUR...... Male 40 12-03-2023 quote

By encouraging me to focus on the crucial aspects of my relationships, my therapist was able to help me realize that my disputes about money were actually about my concerns, insecurities, and need for independence.

The client was open to understand the concern areas and work towards them in a structured way.
GAU...... Female 28 10-03-2023 quote

Whether you are considering therapy for the first time or feel like it is a dead end, I believe you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by making an appointment with Ms. Shubhangi.

A humble client looking to find a way for herself. Came in with a lot of concerns but streamed down by her consistency and commitment to work on herself.

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