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Studying and passing with good grades is crucial, but what to do next is even more crucial. Whether you are a school student going through a phase of choosing right stream or student preparing for college, choosing a career can be challenging since we spend large parts of our life working.

Career choices are important in determining what our everyday life will be for the rest of our lives. This would also have a strong effect on other life factors, such as health, self-satisfaction, work-life balance, and quality of life. Let’s understand how?

Making the right career choice involves a lot of thinking, vision, skills, education, etc. Because your choice of career plays a major role in determining your income, status within your community, opportunities for success, friend circle. The career you choose helps shape your identity and sense of self-worth. 

Choosing the right career can be difficult…

Career choice is a concept that is very diverse and complex. Moreover, it is more difficult to understand and predict when several factors influence it in different ways.


Is Beneficial for :

  • Students who are confused about choosing right career
  • Student facing career choice crisis
  • Learning factors affecting career choices.
  • Exploring skills and abilities

We will help you with:

  • Discover more about your interests
  • Discover more about your dreams
  • Discover more about your personality
  • Deal better with challenges of student

Perks of the Programs

Customised modules Suitable to needs
Short-term and Cost effective program
Holistic approach for Insight building
Learning techniques for life-long usability.

What comes in your Mental Wellness Tool Kit


Wellness Coach

Self help techniques

Video Counselling Sessions


Knowledge Hub

Daily Mood Tracking

Psychometric Assessments


Progress Report

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