Overcome Peer Pressure

In our lifetimes, we all face peer pressure. Peer Pressure is a part of daily life because each one of us has been subject to peer pressure in our lives, consciously or unknowingly. Most individuals, whether colleagues, co-workers, teammates, or neighbours, want to be recognized by their peers, the individuals they consider their equals. Whereas social pressure remains a greater force than at any other point of their life for at any age. We all struggle to be part of a community that can help offer protection and give a sense of our own identity, just as young people are starting to strive for freedom from their parents. In this time, they are more vulnerable to social bullying than before.

Most often, a motivating influence in the life of a young person may be social pressure. Although peers can inspire each other to do well in school, foster interest in athletics and other extracurricular events, assist with decision-making and problem solving, and motivate one person. Their influence begins at an early age and increases through the teenage years. It is natural, healthy, and important for children to rely on friends as they grow and mature.

Peers can be positive and supportive. They can help develop new skills, or stimulate interest in books, music, or extracurricular activities.

However, peers can also create a negative influence. They can encourage each other to skip classes, steal, cheat, use drugs or alcohol, or become involved in other risky behaviors. The majority of people with substance abuse problems began using drugs or alcohol because of peer pressure.

Now let’s figure out ways to overcome these negative peer pressure with this module.

Is Beneficial for :

  • People who cant control negative peer pressure
  • People who face problem saying no
  • People face behavioral issues due to peer pressure
  • People are struggling to be part of the community

We will help you with:

  • Resist Negative Peer Pressure
  • Know when to say NO
  • Make your own decisions
  • Build the self-confidence you need

Perks of the Programs

Customised modules Suitable to needs
Short-term and Cost effective program
Holistic approach for Insight building
Learning techniques for life-long usability.

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Self help techniques

Video Counselling Sessions


Knowledge Hub

Daily Mood Tracking

Psychometric Assessments


Progress Report

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