Say no to Bullying

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one s definition of your life; define yourself.     - Harvey Fierstein

It is sad, but it is true. Bullying in colleges/schools is excessively common. Bullying occurs When people use words or acts against someone or a group of people purposefully to cause harm and damage to their wellbeing. Generally, individuals who have more control or power over someone else, or who want to make someone else feel less strong or insecure perform such acts.

Bullying is not the same as opposing people like fighting or disliking others, even if people may be bullying each other out of disagreement or dislike; it is a violation of safety and dignity.

Signs of Being Bullied

  • Shows an abrupt lack of interest in school or refusal to go to school
  • Takes an unusual route to school
  • Suffers a drop in grades
  • Withdrawal from family activities

Bullying can take many forms, such as hitting or punching (physical bullying); teasing or name-calling (verbal bullying); intimidation using gestures or social exclusion (nonverbal bullying or emotional bullying); and sending insulting messages by e-mail (cyberbullying).

Is Beneficial for :

  • Children facing bullying
  • Differentiating bullying with normal behaviour
  • Children suffering drop in grades
  • Children getting detached from family

We will help you with:

  • Asses your bullying behaviour
  • Exploring different types of bully and phases.
  • Provide self-help for coping bullying
  • Encourage children to build confidence and higher self-esteem

Perks of the Programs

Customised modules Suitable to needs
Short-term and Cost effective program
Holistic approach for Insight building
Learning techniques for life-long usability.

What comes in your Mental Wellness Tool Kit


Wellness Coach

Self help techniques

Video Counselling Sessions


Knowledge Hub

Daily Mood Tracking

Psychometric Assessments


Progress Report

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