Hopequre Reviews

Mo**** Ja** Female - 26

I’m writing this review to thank my therapist Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava, who helped me a lot in overcoming my fears and problems in life. I was extremely fortunate to have her as my therapist.. I would like to thank her for all the support and courage that she gave me so far. And finally because of the therapy sessions I’m much better now and felt lucky to had someone who could listen and understood me. Please let Ms Shubhangi know how grateful I’m to her for the way she guided and supported me.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Su****** Wa*** Female - 25

When I first reached out to Priyanka she told me by the end of my therapy, she will make me fall in love with myself. Today was my last day of therapy and I can safely say I love and value myself way more than I did 2 months ago. When I started therapy I didnt have a purpose to live for, I was grieving my mum's death, and my sense of self was solely attached to other people's validation. Priyanka has helped me make myself my purpose of life. I live for myself and my happiness now. She helped me realise that there were so many other issues I was dealing through, that I kept brushing under the carpet. And before these sessions, I didnt even know these were problems. But we identified them, and we worked through them patiently. Of course I have a long way to go, the real test is to apply this self of mine to my everyday life, but at least I know a little bit about how to do that now. I can't explain how much this has helped me, I only have gratitude to share.

Therapist :- Ms. Priyanka Walia - Counselling Psychologist
Di**** Sr******** Male - 33

I expected my first session with Ms Arushi Bhatnagar to be awkward but the moment she told me "this is a safe space" with all her warmth, my worries dissipated. Taking therapy has not only been overwhelmingly helpful to deal with my mental state but has helped me improve it as well. Aside from guiding me through my mental health issues, she's helped me develop a friendly voice in me to constantly try and show up for myself. The sheer warmth and understanding that she showed me are unmatched and I could not recommend her enough. I know I will hold all the life lessons and resources very close to my heart because I am in a mental state that I thought I would never reach, because of them.

Therapist :- Ms. Arushi Bhatnagar - Counselling Psychologist
Ap**** Ba**** Female - 50

I still remember the day I was clueless and surrounded with my problems, struggling, thinking and overthinking to find the solution and failing to do so. Taking up theropy and sessions was the last thing in my mind. I am really glad my sister found Ayushi and pushed me to take the first session with her. Today I can see myself on the other side of the river with the help of stepping stones that Ayushi laid out gradually for me to take one step at a time to helped me cross it. I cannot imagine doing this by my own and I cannot thank Ayushi more for accepting my case. Thanks a lot Ayushi, it was not possible without you ! Thanks to Arushi for her help in make the journey smooth by arranging the sessions and payment links. And lastly thanks to Hopequre for providing the platfom to me and many others who are in need for help !

Therapist :- Mrs. Ayushi Madaan - Clinical Psychologist
Ta***** Si*** Female - 24

Honestly the session with her are really good! I feel lighter talking to her. The important thing is she understands what am trying to say.. sometimes it’s difficult to articulate what I am going thru or have gone through n she understands the depth of it and knows exactly what it is. I can relate to her which is a big blessing. She knows her subject very well and whatever she says makes me think .. I feel am in a much better state now only by talking with her and doing her assignments Her assignments are thought provoking and deep n makes me think n introspect about myself. I still have a long way to go with her but from the time I came for this sessions till date, I guess a huge change that I feel about myself. She is also fun and I can laugh with her which is another best trait of her. She makes me comfortable .

Therapist :- Ms. Priyanka Walia - Counselling Psychologist
Ra**** Me*** Male - 28

So my friend suggested me to take up a session on hopequre so, I have randomly chose priyanka walia ma'am without knowing anything about her, I even have a doubt whether these session would help me anything or not. Initially when I started I was literally depressed, I have mood swings issue, I am not happy internally, issues regarding my sleep, eating and every thing was just messed up. I have started taking up the sessions and started to feel better slowly, but I made sure whatever she said I follow everything and her methods literally worked for me. I can't forgot the session in which I was just so depressed before the session but after the session it was like some positive energy gets infused inside me. I wanted to thank you so much Priyanka ma'am for your every suggestion and methods that you have told me. I can't even describe how much helpful those methods and suggestion are for me. In future if anyone ask me whom to consult for therapy I won't suggest to consult you rather I would force him/her to take at least one session with you. The way you make thing understand was just commendable. I have never seen someone so calm and relaxed and most importantly so clear in her thought process. Your every suggestion was on point for me and for any problem if comes in my life now I know to whom I have to consult. Thank you again for your every support

Therapist :- Ms. Priyanka Walia - Counselling Psychologist
Su**** Ve*** Male - 28

I am so so grateful that I had taken a sessions with her. Initially I was in delimma whether I should take a session online or not but i underestimated. Don't have enough words to thank her. She has helped me so much mentally, physically. I was very depressed I remember myself 9 months ago the way I was and right now when I see myself i see a significant change in myself my thinking process and i have learnt a lot from her. Her activities has helped me alot, it changed my perspective my way of thinking. I use to feel so good after taking a session with her. She raised a hope in me when I use to feel hopeless and meaningless. Thank you so much Priyanka. May God bless you. May all your wishes come true. I will definately recomend my friends and family if anyone is facing same issue.

Therapist :- Ms. Priyanka Walia - Counselling Psychologist
An***** Ar*** Male - 29

Ms Shubhangi has helped me with managing grief, helping me compartmentalize my energies into putting myself together. She has made me believe in myself, believe in the process of therapy, which under her guidance has been that of self awareness, mindfulness, and growth as an individual on the personal as well as the professional front. She has inculcated in me the practice of self-rationalizing to keep self doubt at bay and counter anxiety. I have always felt that Ms Shubhangi is devoted to my case, which makes me work hard on myself and better my confidence, and pursue my goals career-wise. She always checks in with me in case I forget sessions, has often kept more than one sessions in a week when I am too vulnerable, and regularly gives me exercises, which she diligently checks in every session. The sessions have become an important part of my growth trajectory, and I am thankful for it.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
An***** Sh**** Female - 22

Hopequre and Shubhangi ma'am are the reason I have been able to find a new version of me. She has been so kind and so understanding about even the deepest of scars that keep troubling me even after 15 years. MICA was a dream come true for me, but, when I came here, I felt out of place. But, now I can proudly say that I love MICA and it's because of Shubhangi ma'am. I will always cherish MICA for introducing me to this new me. I will forever be grateful to Shubhangi ma'am for being the reason behind this change. I have never felt this peaceful in my entire life.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Po**** Ah*** Male - 28

Hey, My therapy has been terminated succesfully. It was extremely helpful. I am able to understand my emotions and analyse the situations in a much better way. Thank you so much to Ms. Shubhangi for helping me through the tough times.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
De******* Ba**** Female - 40

I am grateful to Ms. Shubhangi. She has helped me so much that I can’t express it with enough words. When I joined therapy I was broken, but the sessions healed me. She helped me to deal and let go of the past, enjoy the present and plan the future. Deep gratitude to Ms. Shubhangi and HopeQure for changing my life for good.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Ha****** Mi**** Female - 35

I have been a regular client of Miss Shubhangi since August 2021. The sessions during these past 8 months have been life changing for me. It has made me a truly aware, independent and happy person. I had taken therapy before hopequre as well but it was not as effective. Miss Shubhangi’s persistent efforts are the reason of my current healthier mental state. She worked with me on every issue I had, may it be current or from the past. She constantly checked up on me through hopequre spoc and made sure I was regular with my sessions. Whenever I lacked motivation to work on myself, these personal reminders brought me back on track. I want to thank Miss Shubhangi for her extremely caring and professional approach.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Hi****** Ra***** Male - 45

My therapist Ms Shubhangi Bhargava is excellent, she is helping me to get better and how to deal with anything and everything that life throws at me. Thanks to her and hopequre for helping me becoming the best version of myself.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Ra****** Si*** Male - 40

My sessions with Shubhangi have been great. Ever since I have started, I have developed into a better person after every session. Shubhangi very well manages to help me identify my problems and gives me an apt solution to it. I am so grateful to her for always being so helpful in overcoming the issues and managing my emotions well.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
An**** Ku*** Female - 55

It was amazing and relaxing. I was at ease by the end of the call. It was my second session with her and I already see the effect. Looking forward to more sessions.

Therapist :- Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava - Counselling Psychologist
Go*** Si*** Female - 26

Khushi ma'am was so amazingly friendly and spoke to me just like a long time friend in her tone the moment she started. That made me feel so comfortable like with my old friend Kay. She listened to my concerns carefully and me everything i react and feel is absolutely okay and nothing to worry. That made me feel I am okay to speak the way and tell the way I am. She allowed me everytime I interrupted. So sweet of her. I am sure she will get me through this to what I have to be like. Everyone from Nitika to Shruti, the team is so polite friendly and allowed me to talk which is due a feel good, like a family to me. I love Khushi, Niti and Shruti, all are so close to my heart now. Having all of you is like a family who welcomed me to share whatever I feel anytime..

Therapist :- Ms. Khushi Gupta - Counselling Psychologist
Su*** Ve*** Female - 22

She is a perfect counselor. I really love talking with her she explained everything so well. She is a perfect listener. She understood me n gave me a perfect solution So thank you soo much i m really glad talking with her

Therapist :- Ms. Khushi Gupta - Counselling Psychologist
Ak***** Si*** Male - 30

The sessions were really good, Arushi was very cool and listened to everything very patiently. I liked how she talked to me like a peer rather than giving like a therapy talk feel. I now have a perspective as to how I can handle situations as she gave me methods to follow. She related to my situations to her life as well many times and explained how it happens to everyone and I can definitely deal with such things. Overall I'm pretty happy I had her as a therapist and really thankful to her for helping.

Therapist :- Ms. Arushi Bhatnagar - Counselling Psychologist
Pr******* Si*** Female - 30

I really enjoyed my sessions with Zahabiya, she is a really good listener and was very receptive! She always made sure to make me feel comfortable and at ease and I really enjoyed talking to her.

Therapist :- Ms. Zahabiya Bambora - Counselling Psychologist