During the quarantine period, Social comparison is suffocating as Internet is flooded with what to do and what not to do during quarantine, truck loads of information is out there. It is good to spend your free time in doing something productive or learning new skill. However, it should come from within and not as a result of social pressure or buzz around.

Every time I check my Instagram, there is another girl doing saree challenge, bingo games or workout challenge, somebody is making dalgona coffee or someone else is channelizing their inner chef by making momo. Others are reading books, learning new language, indulged into self care aka putting face masks, doing online certificate courses and what not.

We are expected to turn out into evolved individuals by the end of this lock down. We are expected to be much fitter, prettier, skilled and loved.

While some of us are enjoying all these nominate-challenge things. There are people out there who are feeling disturbed or worthless. People are questioning their self worth, their ability to learn, cursing themselves for procrastinating, being harsh on themselves and what not.

Some of us are trying to maintain sanity, fighting their stress and anxiety caused due to pandemic, dealing with the fear of being trapped (Cleithrophobia), handling obsessive compulsive behaviour (fear of infections, cleaning and re-cleaning), struggling with loneliness or depressive symptoms (living alone and away from family).

We might get overwhelmed with all these circumstances, by not being able to follow a proper routine. How about leaving social comparison aside and accepting ourselves. Give yourself time, live in the moment and take deep breaths. Go with one day at a time. It is completely ok to do one thing at a time. Also it is ok to do nothing for a while.

Sanity over Productivity!


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