Happier People Are Healthier People

 Happier People Are Healthier People
Written By: Counselling Psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology - Swansea University, UK.
Reviewed By: Counselling Psychologist
MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 28-02-2023

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Whoever we are or whatever we do with our lives, our main purpose is always to be fulfilled and content with our present situation. We want to be able to look back on our memories with love and without guilt, and we want to be able to say that we have lived the best lives possible, those that have filled us with happiness and made us completely happy with what we have done and how we have lived.

Happiness is a feeling of warmth and satisfaction. It can happen in your life as a passing sensation or as a living state. When we feel happy we accept happenings in life and embrace all the challenges. Happiness does not mean smiling or existing in denial all the time. It is about curiosity about the unknown aspects that life gives us. Researches show that physical health improves when we are satisfied and happy. It has been seen that happiness can help control blood pressure, sugar in the blood, cardiovascular health and autoimmune disorders. Happy people prefer to lead longer lives than sad people do.

You must be wondering why happiness is as important, as it has many components of a meaningful life, life satisfaction, purpose and well-being all these can be associated with happiness, but happiness is not necessarily the overarching goal for everyone in life still it’s important because it has some undeniably positive benefits and co-occurring factors.

Let’s observe how Happiness plays an important role in each Individual s life.

  • Happy Individuals in different areas of life, including marriage, relationships, sales, working performance, and health, are seen as more successful.

  • Happy Individuals are seen as less ill and have fewer symptoms when they get ill.

  • Happy Individuals have a stronger support network and more friends.

  • Happy Individuals donate to charities more, once you are happy you can make other people happy.

  • Happy Individuals are more supportive and eager to volunteer, this makes them happier too.

  • Happy Individuals can move through life more quickly because joy supersedes suffering, sorrow, and grief.

  • Happy Individuals affect others positively and inspire them to strive for joy, which can also serve as a reinforcement.

There is indeed a clear association between mental health and happiness, as you probably might guess from the above article. It is easy to see why happiness and mental health are connected because happier people are healthier, have stronger relationships, and make their life more productive.

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