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You learn swimming faster with a coach, you build better in the gym with a trainer, you may learn how to cook with a help of recipe book.

You go to a physician for any of your physiological problem, similarly you shall approach a psychiatrist/a psychologist for your psychological issues. Seeking help for mental health isn’t something to be embarrassed about.

Throughout the globe, people suffer from mental health conditions, from anxiety, phobias and depression to bipolar and schizophrenia and various other disorders. These people are not weird or crazy, their brain is experiencing some or the other sort of chemical imbalance. However, this can happen to anyone at any given time regardless of gender and age.

Unfortunately, most people agree upon the fact that they are afraid of approaching a mental health professional either due to a lack of awareness or due to stigma associated with the same.

Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have come forward to motivate people to openly talk about mental health and break the stigma. Behind the glittery glamour life they also face serious mental health problems.

Actor, Deepika Padukone was diagnosed with depression in year 2014. Not only she admitted that publically but also in followed year she set up ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’ to provide a ray hope for those going through low times. She is also brand ambassadar of Indian Psyciatric Society.

Gone are the days when bollywood used to mock mental illness or say “ye toh pagal h”. Film makers have become sensitive towards the issue and genuinely delivering amazing content to end the stigma. In last 15 years, depiction of Alzheimer’s in Black, Dyslexia in ‘Tare zameen par’, Dissociative identity disorder in ‘Bhool bhulaiya’, exam stress and suicidal ideation in three idiots Borderline intelligence in ‘Tubelight’, parental pressure and self esteem issue in ‘Chhichhore’, Schizophrenia in ‘Judgemental hai kya’, Depression in ‘Dear zindagi’ bollywood has come a long way in trying to de-stigmatize.

Recently, famous Indian cricketer Mahinder Singh Dhoni has thrown light on mental health issue with his statement that “Indian cricketers do not accept that they are experiencing mental health issues”. He also emphasised on the need of having a mental health coach along with the team to help players deal with performance anxiety, pressure, motivation and other psychological aspects that are impacting the game.

The idea is to take care of your mental and emotional well being just like physical health.

However, according to WHO, beside stigma and discrimination people also experience lack of awareness and lack of mental health care facilities. HopeQure provides you a non judgemental platform with more than 650 qualified and experienced mental health professionals for your variety of needs.

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