Types of Food for every Mood

Types of Food for every Mood
Written By: Counselling Psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology - Swansea University, UK.
Reviewed By: Counselling Psychologist
MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 31-03-2023

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Food is an important aspect of our lives. For every emotional eater like me, food is their best friend. It is comforting to consume your favorite food when you are low or on an emotional roller coaster. In fact we all lure for something sweet, cheesy, or sour whenever we are stressed, upset or simply feeling blue. It’s no wonder a whole pizza, a plate piled with fried chicken, or a chocolate milkshake can seem like a cure for a downer of a day here’s a reason it’s called comfort food, as it satisfies the cravings and soothes savage within us.

Had a bad day at work? Going through a bad break up? An Ice cream tub comes to the rescue. Have you ever wondered why one reaches out for sweet food like chocolates, candies and ice cream?

Ice cream contains high content of sugar fats, making it extremely, Palatable the present levels of carbs and fats lead to the release neurotransmitter dopamine. Similarly chocolate is one irresistible product when you have a sugar rush and feeling low, it can never disappoints you because of caffeine and endorphins which has uplifting properties. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) and ice cream lifts our mood, brings joy and also releases tension, the reason for that is that these two tasty treats facilitates our bodies to produce those “feel good” hormones.

For most of us spicy, fried or cheesy food is mouth watering and we end up binging it turns out it gratifies our taste buds and releases the stress, or most importantly gives you a feeling of high. Certain spicy food, like chili peppers, can set our palates on fire and make our noses run, but at the same time it makes us feel great because of the endorphins generation.

As more tryptophan enters the brain, more serotonin is synthesized in the brain, which tends to improve the mood. Serotonin is a known mood regulator, made naturally in the brain from tryptophan and vitamins B. So you can actually boost your tryptophan levels by eating more carbohydrates. However, it’s important to choose smart carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

Foods like fish and nut oils are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids have been correlated to depression, impulsivity and alleviate anxiety. some common fish species are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and can help you maintain the levels.

Berries such as Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are rich in vitamin C,it helps cope with release of cortisol, a hormone that is associated with stressful situations.

Black beans, lentils, and lima beans are all rich in magnesium, which provides relaxation and calm.

According to researches about 95% of serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract, lined with a hundred million neurons, it makes sense that the inner workings of your digestive system don’t just help you digest food, but also guide your emotions. There s a clear relationship between food and your state of mind. There exists a correlation between not only what you eat, how you feel, and how you ultimately behave, but also the kinds of bacteria that live in your gut. Hence the kind of food we consume is of high importance for our mental well being.


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