Patient Rights

Hopequre judiciously protects the privacy of the mental health information as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), we have formalized our practices related to maintaining the privacy and security of medical information. Our website provides information on your rights of HopeQure’s clients and how to act on these rights.

Right to be informed of our privacy practices

HopeQure’s procedures to protect the privacy of your health information are outlined in the Privacy Policy Notice, It elicits how the details are used for treatment, obtain payment and for our internal operations. The Privacy Policies will be presented on our website. The user can ask the copy of the Privacy Policy Notice.

Right to request access protected health information

It is possible to obtain a copy of the medical information or to enable others to access the Protected health information upon request.

We can share the Medical records to somebody else like a doctor or employer, only on completion and submission of the authorization form. This will indicate the agreement on releasing the information.

At any particular point if the user wants to designate a Patient Spokesperson such as a family member or friend to have access to the Protected Health Information (PHI) the same can be done by filling up the Designation of a patient spokesperson form, to enable the spokesperson to assist payment and care details.

Right to amend Protected User information

In case the user wishes to change the details in the records or there has been an error, the changes can be made upon request. The information will be reviewed and necessary amendments will be made or a justification for keeping the information will be given.

Right to request for communication of confidential Health Information

Generally the health details are sent via email or phone number provided by the client. However, if the information is to be sent at some other communication address/ email address elsewhere to protect the confidentiality of the information, the same can be done by filling and submitting the following form:

Right to request an accounting of people to whom the health information has been disclosed

HIPAA requires HopeQure to keep records of people, with few exceptions, those who have been given access to the health information for purposes not related to treatment, payment or for whom you have not authorized us to provide access.

Ask Your Privacy Concerns Here

Any concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy of the user information can be raised or any questions about our procedures, may be contacted.

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