Thing that helps to boost your confidence

Thing that helps to boost your confidence


It is important to note that as humans we tend to create our own unique personality based on the beliefs we hold about ourself. However, there are also instances where people find it difficult to be confident in their own abilities. It is during that time when we need to realise our potential and build our confidence by continuously learning and expanding the concept of self-awareness. As thought processes create a direct impact on our mental health well-being, it can be beneficial to think of ourselves are worthy of great achievements. According to psychologists, self-esteem and confidence are different. Prof. Richard Petty from Ohio State University, in his interesting TED talk distinguishes them as: Self-esteem is our opinion about ourselves — how much we like ourselves. Confidence is how sure we are of this judgement.

As humans we may experience low or high confidence depending on the situation we face in our everyday life. There are certain aspects in which we perform well which gives us an assurity to keep our spirits high whereas there may be other areas where we may lack the skills or experience to excel. To overcome such a scenario the best approach is to work on expanding our horizon. The aspects of life which reduce our performance must be worked upon so we can learn and improve overtime.

Self-confidence is a feeling that each individual wants in their job interview to impress their manager that is hiring him/her. As individuals, we feel confident when we believe in ourselves that we can do something and succeed by our way of knowledge, experience, and judgement. A person should always remember the time they felt extremely and fully confident with the excitement that they can do something.To boost the confidence, they should always ask question to themselves: Can I conquer the world? Can I feel powerful and strong?  And the answer has to be “YES” always. Self-confidence is something that helps humans in many ways. It diminishes their stress, boosts their self-esteem, and pushes them to fact. But more importantly this also helps feel amazing and good about themselves.

Self-esteem can directly be linked to self-assurance; this means that self-esteem plays a major role in a person’s assessment in their values and self-confidence (Langlois 2010). Self-assurance increases when a person considers themselves a talented individual with capabilities, potential and worth.

Stress and tension on a daily basis can be unfavourable factors that may decrease their confidence level. These two factors can cloud their judgement and save them from questioning logically. When pressure, tension, and stress fade away, the person feels a lot more confident.

The major component that helps humans to boost their confidence is being positive. This helps them to beat themselves after a mistake or setback. By accepting failures and staying confident and positive will actually help humans to become more confident.

Everyone struggles with confidence one time or another. but if your self-confidence issues start to interfere with your social life, work or your education, you need to seek professional help. Sometimes the lack of low self confidence is a result of past trauma, it may have bigger roots. It might also be some sort of symptom to a mental disorder.And it s far viable to have an excessive amount of self assurance. If you’re overly assured on your abilities, you may not take action. Being overconfident about your capacity to ace a look at may save you from studying. Or assuming that you don’t want to exercise a presentation ought to cause you to be unprepared. It’s essential to have a healthful dose of self-self assurance that enables you to carry out at your peak.

By - Kriti



Langlois, P., 2010. Boost your confidence intervals with SAS. In Proceedings of the 2010 Meeting of the South Central SAS Users Group. http://www. scsug. org/SCSUGProceedings/2010/Langlois/Langlois_conf_intervals_for_SCSUG_Educ_Forum. pdf (accessed 29 Jan 2012).

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