The security norms of the accessible information gathered from the focus of the security rule is to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected User information (ePHI) that the HopeQure University covered components creates, accesses, transmits or receives.

ePHI is any information which is electronically Protected Health Information and is stored, accessed, transmitted or received electronically.

Privacy vs. Security

HIPAA regulations cover both security and privacy. Security and privacy are distinct, but related.

  • The Privacy rule emphasizes on an individual’s right to manage the use of their personal information. Protected Health information (PHI) should not be disclosed or used by others against their will. The Privacy rules maintains the confidentiality of PHI in all formats including electronic, paper and oral. Confidentiality is providing assurance for safeguarding the information from unauthorized disclosure. The physical security of PHI in all formats is an element of the Privacy rule.
  • The Security rule emphasizes on technical administrative and physical provides specifically related as they relate to electronic PHI (ePHI). Protection of ePHI data from unauthorized access, whether external or internal, stored or in transit, is an integral part of the safety rule.