Classifying HopeQure Data And IT Systems

  • Every individual who is allowed to access to HQ Data and IT Systems is responsible for protecting it. The information assets are classified into 3 different categories based on their security requirement. The security requirements for HopeQure Data and IT Systems is determined by classifying the information at following levels: Confidential, Internal and public.
  • The Hopequre IT Systems Guideline for Classification and Security outlines how HopeQure IT Systems can be categorized based on data classification, quality criteria, and any contractual obligations.
  • Care will be taken when interpreting the classification systems from other organizations as their classification systems may have different parameters. Information assets shall be assigned a sensitivity classification by the asset information owner or their nominees, in accordance with the following classification definitions:
    • Confidential: Sensitive information requiring the highest degree of protection. Access to this information shall be tightly restricted based on the concept of need-to-know. Disclosure requires the information custodian’s approval and, in the case of third parties, a signed confidentiality agreement. If this information were to be compromised, there could be serious negative financial, legal, or public image impacts to HopeQure or HopeQure’s members. Examples include member share information, employee performance reviews, product research data, etc.
    • Internal: Information that is related to HopeQure business operations, but not available for public consumption. This information shall only be disclosed to third parties if a confidentiality agreement has been signed. Disclosure is not expected to cause serious harm to HopeQure, and access is provided freely to all employees. Examples include policies and standards, operational procedures, etc.
    • Public: Information that requires no special protection or rules of use. This information is suitable for public dissemination. Examples include press releases, marketing brochures, etc.