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Mental Health Counseling

Select HopeQure for trusted online counseling services

Discover online counseling services by expert psychologists for mental health, behavioral, relationship and clinical concerns.

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Seek Online Counselling for All Your Emotional & Mental Health Needs


Anger Management

Feeling overwhelmed by anger? Learn healthy ways to manage your emotions through counseling.



Is constant worry affecting your well-being? Discover mental health therapy and build resilience.



Is hopelessness and lack of motivation dragging you down? Our online therapists are here to support and empower you.


Eating Disorder

Does food control your life? Develop a healthier relationship with food through online mental health and diet sessions.



Do deadlines constantly sneak up on you? Learn effective time management with our expert mental health professionals.


Self Esteem

Struggling with self-doubt? Build a strong sense of self-worth and believe in yourself with the help of your mental health counselor.


Sleep Issues

Struggling with insomnia? Discover ways to create a sleep-friendly routine through online counselling.


Work Life Balance

Overburdened by your job? Achieve a healthy balance between work and personal time with our online psychologist.


HopeQure: Your Mental and Emotional Wellness Partner

Online counseling has revolutionized the way people access mental health services, offering convenience and confidentiality. With HopeQure's online counseling, you can connect with licensed psychologists from the comfort of your home. Our platform offers comprehensive online counseling services to address anxiety, depression, panic, and other mental health and relationship issues. Through HopeQure's online counseling, you will get a safe and supportive space to discuss your concerns privately and without any judgement.

Join our online counseling sessions and start your journey towards better mental health today. Experience the benefits of HopeQure's online counseling with flexible scheduling and easy access to professional help. Our experienced psychologists and psychiatrists are available for online counseling, providing personalized care and support.

Top Reasons to Choose HopeQure for Mental Health Services in India

At HopeQure, we are dedicated to providing the best possible mental health support through our online mental health services. Here are some key benefits of choosing HopeQure for your mental wellness journey:


Most Affordable Online Mental Health Service


Highly qualified Therapists


Security and


Worldwide presence


Comprehensive Online Therapy Solutions


Convenience and Flexibility


Client-Centric Approach


Personalised Approach

Why HopeQure is Best Online Counselling and Online Therapy Platform?

Best Psychologists, Personalized Care and 100% Confidentiality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online counseling and online therapy?

Online counselling and therapy involve giving mental health support via online platforms such as video calls, chat or audio sessions, enabling people to be guided and treated from their homes.

How HopeQure Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing?

HopeQure is a revolutionary platform aimed at improving mental health by making available online and comprehensive therapy services. By maximizing the convenience of digital technology, HopeQure links people with professional online psychologists and therapists who can support mental health from everywhere.

One of the most striking features about HopeQure is its user-friendly interface that makes it easier for someone to find a suitable online psychologist. HopeQure offers customized solutions to your personal needs, if you are going through stress, anxiety or depression or other mental health problems. The platform provides various services like individual therapy sessions; couple counseling and targeted help for children and teenagers.

Confidentiality is paramount at HopeQure. We ensure safety of private information and talks held during therapy session. As such, you have options regarding when to schedule sessions; hence, it becomes simpler to handle your emotional status without interfering with daily activities.

Is online therapy with a psychologist as effective as in-person therapy?

Research shows that for many mental health problems, online therapies can be as good as face-to-face ones with regard to symptom alleviation and client satisfaction.

Is Virtual Counseling Effective?

Yes, Virtual counseling is an effective way of dealing with various mental health issues including anxiety, depression and stress. It provides accessibility and convenience hence making it the best choice for most people.

Who can benefit from online therapy with a psychologist?

Anyone who is facing psychological challenges like panic attacks, negative thoughts, sleep disturbances (insomnia), eating disorders (bulimia), self-esteem issues among others can find help through the use of online mental health services provided by professional psychologists.

Where do I find an Indian online clinical psychologist?

To find an Indian online clinical psychologist one should visit where they could look into our list of qualified professionals and choose a suitable therapist according to their needs.

Reach out to Best Mental Health Counselors

During the therapy I felt very connected to Nishant due to his empathetic and practical approach to explain things. I have been suffering from bipolar disorder for the last 20 years and it was diagnosed by Nishant. I am thankful for his support in the battle against bipolar and anxiety.


Clinical Psychologist

I have always been a person who was very anxious and had an anxious attachment style too. When I shared these things with Urvashi ma'am she heard me and helped me to overcome my anxiety.I was able to channelize my energy in a positive direction.


Rehabilitation Psychologist

Ms. Akshita!!! Coach, mentor, therapist, counselor, whatever I may call her, she is a person with the right skills, is highly competent, and has expertise and authority in the field. My journey started with her with many issues (anxiety, fear, depression, traumas).


Counselling Psychologist

My experience with Ms. Zahabiya has been positive on all fronts. On top of her obvious knowledge and skill, she has made endless efforts to accommodate and understand my requirements. Her undying intent to help another is truly inspiring.


Counselling Psychologist

I’ve been in therapy with Ms. Priyanka for almost a year now and it’s been a life changing experience for me. I was at my lowest point when I was connected with her and didn’t think it was possible to get better and back to normal, but with her help I’m better than before,


Counselling Psychologist

She's been really helpful. I find it really easy to talk to her, more as a friend than a therapist. She's suggested some methods to help with my anxiety which have been working for me. It's been a nice experience so far.


Counselling Psychologist

I am Glad to be taking therapy services. As a therapist Nandini is my mentor in a real sense. I have been experiencing life-transformation in my life recently and hope it gets better over the period of time.


Counselling Psychologist

I really feel connected to my counselor and I feel that he has been such a benefit to my life. I have learned new coping skills. He's such a nice and a humble person I love my counseling sessions and I have been able to work through much of my past issues with depression and anxiety.


Clinical Psychologist

Zahabiya has an innate skill to guide you towards self-realisation. She will make you feel at home the very second you join the call. I was quite skeptical about how therapy works but with her it just feels like two people working towards something and the end product is always good.


Counselling Psychologist

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