Are you enhancing your employees abilities in these four key areas

Are you enhancing your employees abilities in these four key areas


It is now widely known that putting equal focus on how a company produces money (performance) and how its leaders govern the place is the key to achieving long-term success. Companies who do so have a three times the advantage over their competitors. It is recently discovered that going one step further and focusing on performance and as well health at both the individual and organizational levels can help leaders generate even more value.

To do this properly, the new way of working must be embedded at all levels of the organization. This can be accomplished by refocusing capability-building initiatives to help employees grow with our online counselling.


How you Make Money?

  • Business at whole

  • Transformation

How you manage the workplace?

  • Structure 

  • Operating model

  • Authority

How do your employees add value?

  • For business

  • For transformation

How you interact and behave?

  • Mindset

  • Culture

Teach them about the industry (e.g., how we make money). Ensure that staff are aware of the company s strategic priorities, as well as the projects and targets that go along with them. This should comprise day-to-day operations, efficiency or transformation initiatives, and new business development.

Teach them how to handle (e.g., how we manage the place). Develop a constant awareness of how leaders must work in order to accomplish their strategic imperatives, such as company culture, manage teams, transform attitudes, and drive responsibility and quality improvement.

Ensure that you have the necessary technical and functional abilities to complete the tasks at hand (e.g., how I create value). Assure that functional and technical trainings are structured to develop both the abilities required to complete today s tasks and the important skills required to drive optimization or growth activities that will provide value in the future.

Develop them as colleagues and leaders on a personal level (e.g., how I behave). Individuals can be empowered to attain their performance goals by demonstrating how their goals are translated into daily interpersonal and adaptive characteristics, how these characteristics look like when done properly, and when they should participate in them. The aim after that is to assist each person develop new behaviors through ongoing coaching.

It is no longer adequate to focus capability development exclusively on acquiring job-level skills in today s competitive market. Leaders may capture value and generate influence  by developing individual competencies across four quadrants and at scale. 

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Reference: McKinsey Organization Practice

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