Do not forget to get these 7 tests done before your marriage

Do not forget to get these 7 tests done before your marriage
Written By: Counselling Psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology - Swansea University, UK.
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Last Updated: 09-03-2023

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Traditionally, before marriages, spiritual matching of the couple is typically done. For instance, in Hindu cultures, Kundli matching is done from an astrological point of view. The Indian society takes this matching as one of the main sources of compatibility. However, this compatibility is not 100% accurate in guaranteeing a successful and healthy marriage. Thus, few health tests are recommended to ensure a much stronger and healthier marriage.

Therefore, one thing that people must check up on before getting married: their spouse s health after their personal compatibility. Prior to getting married, it is crucial to understand your partner s health situation, both physical and mental health, to understand and support them if it is in your capability. You & your future partner should get tested. A couple should effectively go through seven physical medical examinations before getting married:

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1)   HIV

AIDS is caused on by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which also makes the body less able to fight against infections. Before deciding to be married, you should make sure that neither you nor your partner is HIV positive. The Indian state of Goa has proposed to issue marriage certificates only after submitting Negative HIV tests. This indicates the growing concern of mandatory HIV tests before marriage.

2)    Ovary

It is recommended that women who marry later in life get their ovaries tested first. Family planning can be challenging for women in their 30s because of a general reduction in egg cell production.

3)    Infertility

Before getting married, both spouses should do an infertility test. It aids in assessing both the quantity and health of sperm in males. Women can learn whether they will experience any difficulties getting pregnant or not.

4)    Genetic

Genetic testing should be performed on both parties before to marriage to determine whether one or both partners have inherited or have the potential to inherit any illnesses.

5)    STD

Sexually transmitted diseases should also be screened for, in those getting married. Working the marriage can be very challenging, even if one spouse has an STD.

6)    Blood Group Compatibility

If a couple s blood types are incompatible, pregnancy may be difficult. Make sure that the couple s Rh factors are the same or within a compatible range.

7)    Blood Disorder

Blood disorders like haemophilia and thalassemia can have an impact on future offspring and marriages, women should get checked for them.

Bonus: Pre-wedding counselling

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