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MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 12-05-2023



Most of us have some or the other hobby. Hobbies do differ from individual to individual. There can be various hobbies as there are several individuals in the world. Individual differences can be seen in various forms hobbies are one of them. Examples of such hobbies are Stamp or coin collecting, photography, swimming, gardening, painting, etc. Everyone shall have some hobby. It is not only a good way to utilize your free time but also helps you to learn a lot.

Gardening is much more than just a hobby. Following are a few things that make gardening special:

Gardening is a hobby that will allow you to come close to nature and be comfortable with the soil.

Besides that when you plant a seed and turns into a plant, it gives you immense joy as if you have created a life.

Gardening will also help you to know much more about different varieties of plants, seeds, procedures and various techniques of plantation.

You can have your own organic veggies supply through your kitchen or terrace garden (according to the space available). This would not only provide you with better quality or fresh food but also save you pennies.

It can also teach us important life lessons such as sustainability and the limited nature of resources.

Gardening can be a fun activity to engage in with other family members including children. It will enable young children to identify with colours, patterns, and names of vegetables and fruits. On the other hand for elder children, it can be helpful to understand and develop abstract traits like responsibility, nurturance etc.

If you haven’t started begin today!

Happy Gardening!

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