Know the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program

Know the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program


In the current workplace environment, stress is on the rise among employees. Therefore, it is essential that employees have a resource that they can get help. There are various kinds of problems employees face on a daily basis. These problems include work-life balance, job insecurities, managing workload, conflicts with colleagues and managers, health issues, other personal problems.  

In order to help employees who struggle with such and similar issues, employee assistance programs are implemented by organizations.

What is an EAP- Employee Assistance Program?

The employee assistance program is a wellness program that is created to enhance employee’s productivity, performance, and contentment with their job roles by helping them effectively resolving the issues faced by them (EAPA, 2020). This is a consulting and counselling program with employees where they can openly express their problems faced. Subsequently, they are offered the appropriate solution or treatment plan.

Employee assistance programs offers the following assistance:

  • Productivity boosting

  • Stress management

  • Conflict management

  • Workload management

  • Maintaining work-life balance

  • Achieving job satisfaction

  • Overcoming job insecurities

  • Improve communication and motivation and many more

As of 2016, more than 54% of workers in the US have access to some kind of employee assistance program from their organization (National Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). In 2018, 78% of companies were offering employee assistance programs to employees (SHRM, 2018).

There will be a feeling of gratefulness among employees towards the employers as they provide this benefit by feeling that their organization is concerned about the employee s health and have their support in times of need. There are many benefits of employee assistance programs.

Here are some central benefits of the Employee Assistance Program.

Productivity Gain

If an employee is undergoing a personal issue or struggling physically or mentally, it will reduce their concentration, motivation, and creativity at their work. They may force them to take leaves in order to cope and these leaves can have huge after-effects.

Society for Human resource management SHRM, reports that more than 36% of their productivity loss is because of leaves taken by employees. The EAP helps employees in overcoming such challenges and difficulties, increase job motivation and satisfaction, and thus increasing their productivity at work.

Improve Mental wellbeing at the workplace.

When mentally unhealthy, performance decreases workload increases, and affects not just one employee but all team members and its dynamics. Suffering from heightened amounts of stress makes one engage in more conflicts at work, reduce communication with colleagues and decrease morale.

The employee assistance program gives employees a portal to share their issues and further help, and guidance for their treatment. This benefits everyone at the workplace, by increasing respect, strong communication, and better performance at their job. An organization s spirits increase substantially as well.

Employee assistance programs train employees to build resilience, balance their stress levels and enhance self-awareness. This builds employees to manage various stressors and workplace tensions effectively.

Reduce presenteeism and absenteeism.

The prime focus of companies is the well-being of their employee. The number of sick leaves increases during difficult times. The employee assistance program helps to reduce these leaves by increase better health outcomes among employees. The service provided by EAP treats stress-induced illnesses. Another problem of presenteeism- being at work for longer hours but not finishing the minimum tasks due to distractions from various problems. To reduce the problem of absenteeism and presenteeism at the workplace, organizations can implement employee assistance programs that will systemize this process.

Reduced turnover

In the corporate world, a significant risk posed to companies is turnover. Turnover costs organizations a substantial amount of money and this further influences their revenue and their market value in long term.

One way companies can reduce their turnovers is by actually help in resolving the problems faced by their employees. Employee assistance programs help organizations identify the general issues the employees are undergoing as well as providing solutions to their problems. This is a win-win for both workers and the company. Eventually, there will be a reduction in turnover as the workers feel valued in the company.

Affordable and many saving for organizations

Mental and physical insurance health cost a staggering amount to companies per year. If physical and mental health is not taken care of at workplaces, it can cost the organization a great deal. A study reported that every $1 invested in employee wellness programs saves $3.27 and $2.73 in healthcare and absenteeism respectively (Baicker et al. 2010).

An investment in employee assistance programs leads to a reduction in healthcare costs, fewer amounts of disability claims, reduced presenteeism and absenteeism, and a big save on health insurance usage.

Many companies invest highly in EAPs. An employee assistance program is highly beneficial for employees as it helps them in increasing various positive aspects of work-life and reduce ill-health and habits that affect the job performance. It is advantageous to companies as it helps them reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity in the organization. 

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