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Additional stress brought on by COVID-19 is pushing many people to remain in their houses. Online counseling is getting more and more popular in light of these situations. You might wonder how virtual therapy sessions differ from conventional in-person sessions if you re thinking about trying them out. Here are a few things to think about.

You re not alone if you ve been debating seeking treatment for a mental condition but haven t yet. In the preceding year, about 60% of individuals with mental illnesses did not receive mental health services. The causes—stigmatism, expense, and accessibility—vary, but online counselling services like HopeQure, India’s leading online platform are bridging the gap!


The primary distinction between in-person therapy and internet counseling is the means of communication. The location of in-person sessions is the therapist s office, where you can see the therapist in person. This makes it easier to read nonverbal clues like body language.

Depending on the client s preferences and the therapist s technology skills, teletherapy can be carried out by phone call, text, or video chat. This makes it more difficult for the therapist to decipher nonverbal clues, especially if the sole means of contact are texting or phone calls.
The closest experience to physically visiting the therapist s office is video chat.


Websites offering online counseling often advertise their accessibility, but you should carefully consider that promise. Different pricing strategies may not be covered by insurance.

Some providers charge a subscription fee that provides you access to a set number of sessions on a weekly or monthly basis. If you subscribe for a longer period of time, you might be able to reduce these costs. Similar to an in-person therapist, other service providers bill by the session.

The usual fee for therapy sessions is the same whether they take place in person or online. Check to see if your insurance will support teletherapy if you have insurance. Even while a monthly subscription service could seem like a good deal, choosing a provider who accepts insurance may result in a lower co-pay.

Check of EAP services. Your company could be partnered with HopeQure and are sponsoring your session fee.


Traditional treatment is less practical than online counseling. You can just log on to a website or app from the comfort of your home to schedule sessions with a therapist rather than having to travel to their office. You can more easily fit a session into your day because many online therapists provide flexible scheduling.

For those who, for one reason or another, find it difficult to receive in-person therapy, teletherapy can be helpful. They can be unable to leave their home due to a disability, lack of transportation, living too far from a treatment facility, or living in a remote area. These individuals can now access the mental health care they require thanks to online sessions.


Online therapy is covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means that anything you disclose in therapy and your health information are both legally protected. But be cautious when picking a service platform. There are platforms or websites without privacy protections. HopeQure is a HIPAA certified platform.

Find out if the business protects the data of its clients with encryption. Make sure the video conferencing software you use complies with HIPAA regulations. Select a HIPAA-compliant app instead, such as HopeQure’s inbuilt video portal.


Whether cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or interpersonal therapy is employed, as well as the problem it is intended to address (depression, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder), can affect how effective traditional talk therapy is.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that talk therapy can literally alter the structure of your brain, enhancing the communication between parts of the brain that might lessen symptoms and aid in recovery. Another study discovered that when treating moderate to severe depression for the first time, talk therapy can be just as effective as antidepressants. Numerous studies have found that online treatment can be comparable to face-to-face therapy so far.


HopeQure’s health services uses a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. If you ve chosen to pursue online counseling. Our therapists serve both adults, adolescents, and elderly. You can access the services, programs , and webinars at our site, regardless of where you live. To schedule a online session for you or a loved one Click Here


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