What to expect in your first therapy session

What to expect in your first therapy session


First therapy session

The first step, to make your mind to come up and seek help, is in itself be overwhelming for many. You should be aware and appreciate your strength! Perhaps you re thinking about starting treatment but aren t sure where or whether to start.

Many hold misconceptions about therapy and the step towards the first session is usually the heaviest. This can be due to not having the knowledge of what takes place in a therapy session and how it works. This article will help you understand how the very first online mental health therapy session looks like.

Couples Therapy
Relationship-centered therapy that connects you and your partner

Below is a breakdown of a typical first online therapy session.


The therapy will explain you the confidentiality clause and assure you that the conversations going to happen are completely safe and secure between the two of you. Once you agree and understand the clauses, the official bit is over.


A good chunk of the session will surround this area where the online therapist asks general demographic questions to you. The therapist also asks you things they need to keep in mind in order to address you and make you comfortable. The therapist may begin to ask more in-depth questions to get around the chief concern that brings you in for therapy.

Some example introductory questions can be like:

  • What are your living conditions currently?
  • What is your relationship status right now?
  • Have you been to therapy before?
  • Is there a history of mental health issues in your family?

Understanding current situation

The therapist then starts to question your symptoms/concerns you are facing. You may then slowly find yourself explaining the background of your concerns or issues that you have. The therapist will be carefully listening to you and making notes of key points.


As the first online therapy session comes to an end, the therapist will repeat your issues in a brief manner touching the main areas of improvement/treatment. He/she will then explain you the process of the plan of treatment and allow you to ask any questions you may have. He/she will also tell you that the treatment plan currently discussed may change as therapy progresses. There may be a small homework/therapy work he/she may give you until the next session.

Checking in with yourself after your first online counselling and therapy session is the most crucial thing you can do. Make sure you know that there is no such thing as being cured in the first session itself, you may feel a little better or relieved after your first online session, but your symptoms won t go away right away. Make a note of booking your next session as soon as you can to get your preferred slot for the online session.



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We wish you a fruitful therapy session!

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