Importance of Prewedding Counselling


Marital life is like a rollercoaster, it has its ups, and along with it has its downs. Most couples move into their married life with excitement about the ups and are usually not prepared and unaware of the difficult part of marriages. Prewedding counselling is simply couples counselling before their wedding. This counselling helps couples prepare for their married life, and this is very crucial. Males and females have different requirements for many aspects of married life such as emotional or physical needs. Additionally, most of the time they may have conflicts in regard to their thoughts and perceptions.

Prewedding counselling guides and supports couples to prepare them thoroughly for their upcoming married life. The counselling period helps them to build and improve their relationship to an even healthier and stronger one.

prewedding counselling helps couples in the following areas:

During prewedding counselling, with the help of the counsellor, couples are prompted to question/answer or discuss the uncomfortable and difficult conversations that they usually avoid as they may cause issues in their wedding. These conversations, become an issue to resolve at a later stage. When these issues are addressed beforehand the couple can then transition into their married life smoothly.

The importance of prewedding counselling are as follows:

  • Prewedding counselling helps the couple enhance their ways of communication. They work together with the counsellor to set some realistic goals for their marriage and future. Counselling helps them to build skills for conflict and behavioral management as well.

  • The initial sessions of the counselling prepare the couple to understand the depth and significance of marital relationships to prepare them mentally for any hurdles. Adjusting to changing environments and sharing spaces is another area counsellors help them with.

  • The next part of the counselling sessions helps the couple with compatibility. Counsellors assess their compatibility in every aspect, not just single quality because during this time each of them will try to showcase their best and positive qualities and hide away their flaws and undesirable traits. Issues pertaining to inter-religion/caste/status marriages are also disclosed and discussed to avoid any future problems that might root from it.

  • Counselling is also important for the couple to address areas relating to responsibilities and roles for their future life. Many couples simply jump into married life without understanding the importance of their roles and responsibilities and how to present and maintain them. Several areas discussed here are handling relative and societal affairs, professional life, lifestyles, gender equalities, ideas relating to having children, etc.  

Due to the increase in divorce rates, prewedding counselling has become all the more popular. It is highly recommended for couples to add prewedding online counselling in their wedding planning as it holds equal/more importance for their ‘happily ever after’.

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