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Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability earlier known as mental retardation is a condition where one is unable to make logical connections, reasoning and in severe or profound cases have a dependency on other people for daily activities.

Intellectual Disability

Facts To Know!!

  • Intellectual disability ranges from mild, moderate to severe and profound
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome is a preventable cause of intellectual disability
  • Intellectual disability affects around one per cent of the total population, more than 80% of those have mild symptoms.
  • IQ or intelligence quotient is a quantifiable measure of intelligence
  • A person is considered intellectually disabled if his/her IQ is less than 75 and intellectually gifted if his/her IQ is above 110

Intellectual Disability

Watch short video introduction on what Intellectual Disability looks like.

What causes Intellectual Disability?

  • Genetics tendency of mental retardation, down syndrome and other similar conditions

  • Drug and alcohol usage by expecting mother and other complications during pregnancy

  • Child birth issues such as pre-mature delivery, oxygen deprivation and malnourishment

  • Medical conditions like meningitis, measles, seizures and head injury or accident


Slow actions

Difficulty in logical reasoning

Poor learning and academic

Inability to adapt

Cannot communicate effectively

Below average intelligence

Developmental delay

Symptoms of Intellectual Disability?


  • Psycho-education for parents to understand the characteristics and provide a supportive environment.

  • Occupational therapy to enhance functionality and movement

  • Speech therapy to build communication and better social relationships

  • Expressive arts to express their feelings which they may not be able to communicate

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