Check how Workplace Stress is affecting you

Stress is a feeling of physical or mental tension. In any stressful situation our body responds to a threat, or demand. It can emerge from any incident or thought causing the feeling of anger, upset. Extended exposure to stress causes health problems.

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01 Why should you take this test?

  • This is recommended for someone who is working and adult.
  • You can take these tests if you are uncertain about your personality type.
  • These tests are designed to enhance your self awareness.
  • You may also undertake these self assessments to feed your curiosity.
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02 How to take a Test ?

  • Please ensure you have good Internet connectivity for a seamless experience.
  • Please sit in a surrounding which is peaceful and free from distractions.
  • It is suggestsed you take this test on your computer/laptop rather than on your mobile.
  • Carefully read all the questions, and select whatever comes to your mind first.
  • There are No right answer and No wrong answer.
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Check how Workplace Stress is affecting you: Find out if you can regulate your emotions well. Recommended for 14+.


Having hard time at work? Recommended for 18+


Carefully read all the questions, and select whatever comes to your mind first. There are No right answer and No wrong answer.

You lack control over how you have to do your work.

Disclaimer : HopeQure’s online assessments are constructed with the best intention, keeping in mind the ethics of psychological assessment. The assessments, results, and services available on this website are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or any mental health/ medical condition. The use of this assessment does not mean nor create a therapist-client relationship of any sort. Moreover, the details collected from this assessment should not be regarded as a replacement for a comprehensive one.

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$ 35

Ms.  Bhavika Madaan
Ms. Bhavika Madaan
Psychological Counsellor

04 years of experience

M.A. Counselling Psychology

My personal strength as a counselor is a strong and innate desire of helping others. The most rewarding part of being a counselor is to join clients on the journey of self-discovery and growth. I possess skills like self-awareness, empathy, non-judgemental attitude which provides a safe space for the client to vent out their feelings, needs, and challenges. I also assure that client learns self-help techniques and gradually becomes self-sufficient.


$ 35

Ms.  Pooja Gupta
Ms. Pooja Gupta
Clinical Psychologist

04 years of experience

M.Phil. clinical psychology

Pooja is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with expertise in dealing with Anxiety, OCD, Personality disorders and Mood Disorders for adults, geriatric and children. She likes following eclectic approach( includes CBT, DBT and mindfulness) as she believes every individual is different and therefore they need tailored made interventions accordingly. she affirms seeking help for mental health is a sign of bravery.


$ 35

Ms.  Ayushi Madaan
Ms. Ayushi Madaan
Clinical Psychologist

08 years of experience

M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

Ayushi is an experienced mental health professional. She has specialisation in the field of Clinical psychology with expertise in dealing with clients suffering from Depression, OCD, marital discord, anxiety issues etc. She is a NLP Practitioner as well and has successfully worked with young adults as well as children. She has a client centred approach and believes in living the life with zeal and positivity.


$ 35

Ms.  Shubhangi Bhargava
Ms. Shubhangi Bhargava

05 years of experience

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Shubhangi is an experienced mental health professional working closely in the field of Clinical Psychology. Dealing clients with Depression, anxiety, OCD, child-parent issues, relationship issues. With a zeal to work in the field of mental health to facilitate people in having a better life, she is a trained Hypnotherapist. Have an expertise in the field of counseling, therapy, psychological assessments. She believes in holistic development of an individual.

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