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Relationship Stress

Stress in relation will take a toll on the strongest of bonds. When stress comes into every relationship, it can build distance, tension and separation between you and your partner. However, by providing your partner with constant support while he or she is tensed, you are helping them deal with relationship stress.

Relationship Stress

Facts To Know!!

  • The struggle to set reasonable expectations for your relationship is perfectly normal
  • Finances within your relationship can very easily become a source of stress.
  • One of the most wonderful experiences in life can be having children, but sometimes parenthood can also put a strain on a relationship.
  • Bringing Work stress home consumes healthy relationship
  • Boundaries play an important role in any relationship, from respectful communication to the need for privacy.

Relationship Stress

Watch short video introduction on what Relationship Stress looks like.

What causes Relationship Stress?

  • Health issues cause the most tension in a relationship

  • Financial interference can be a cause of stress in the relationship.

  • Poor work-life balance.

  • In some situations, a newborn baby becomes a significant stress inducer relationship.

Blame game

Hiding truth

Relationship violence


Unnecessary arguments




Symptoms of Relationship Stress?


  • A couple counselling to identify stressors between two of them.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy to recognize negative thoughts and behaviours encountered by an individual.

  • Psychologists often prescribe many lifestyle changes for individuals to know how to control their stress.

  • Best way to handle relationship stress is self-relaxation it acts as a switch of positivity.

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