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Are your temper tantrums impacting you and your family

By HopeQure


01 Apr 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak is at peak and most of the countries are experiencing a period of lockdown, offices/workplaces are shut down. Most people are working from home. It is common to experience sadness, panic, anxiety, and arguments with those you are locked down.
ANGER is a powerful human emotion and is natural to experience it like any other emotion. Also, you shouldn t feel shame in expressing reasonable anger as it s harmful to bottle up your emotions. However, the expression of your emotion will determine whether its problematic or not. Before looking up for results it is important to understand that there could be several underlying causes of the anger specifically due to COVID-19 is at peak and in general due to: low self-esteem, stress, physical illness, irritability, frustration, anxiety, personality, depression, and other psychological issues. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse could also be the causal factor.
Helpful anger management tips to follow:

  • Use the time-out technique during heat-up conversations.
  • Don’t keep arguing otherwise things will turn worse. If it is stretching more than 2-5 minutes, just move out of sight/ access to the other person. Think about what went wrong.

  • Think of healthier ways of expression.
  • Yelling or arguing is not the best way to put forward your opinions. Try to communicate patiently, be polite and nice. Understand things from the perspective of others too and choose the right time to talk.

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Being hydrated will help you keep calm. Drink 7-8 glasses (2 litres) of water in general and when you are feeling furious keep having frequent small sips of water.

  • Use humor to release tension.
  • Light and harmless humor can be a good way to release tension. Healthy sarcasm can be a good way to say things without inviting an argument.

  • Practice muscle relaxation.
  • Try to relax and release pressure out of your body. Stretch your limbs and try to have a daily work-out routine. You can also practice focused breathing, it is effective in anger management.
    REMEMBER! You are not the only one who is overwhelmed by the situation. Your family members might also be going through a lot. Keep a check on each other and support each other.
    Stay inside, stay safe!
Are your temper tantrums impacting you and your family

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